Latest Advance In DNA Quantification By NSG Precision Cells

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NSG Precision Cells, a world leader in the quartz cuvette industry has just launched a high end product for DNA quantification. The new Micro Focus Cell makes DNA quantification experiments so fast and easy that scientists will wonder how they ever lived without this device.

dna quantification

NSG Micro Focus Cell

DNA quantification has been a growing field in the scientific sector for the past 40 years. As the years have progressed, so has the technology in DNA measurements. The current industry demands low volume samples and high accuracy.

Special equipment must be utilized for DNA quantification and DNA sequencing. Many of these procedures are highly complicated and have various limitations. Some of the largest limitations is human error, non-standardized procedures, and cheaply made components for the measuring equipment.

When laboratories try to save money by using inferior equipment, they end up spending more money and time, due to repeated measurements that produce results that are inconclusive. Investing in the best equipment is critical.

NSG Precision Cells has released the most advanced device in the DNA quantification industry, the Micro Focus Cell. This new ultra micro cell has changed the way scientists conduct DNA experiments in a large number of ways.

One of the biggest benefits of the Micro Focus Cell is its volume size. As any experienced scientist who performs DNA quantification tests knows, DNA/RNA samples are extraordinarily expensive for a miniscule amount. Each drop of test solution is precious and cannot be wasted, due to the high price of DNA samples. The Micro Focus Cell allows a researcher the power of being able to use a single 1.9 microliter drop of sample. The sample is also retrievable, so the same drop can be recycled and retested if needed.

Another great benefit of the Micro Focus Cell is its unmatched repeatability. The Micro Focus Cell does not have any complicated optics or mirrors that can alter the results. The accuracy of the MFC is based on the accuracy tolerances of the user’s spectrophotometer. In other words, the only limit to the MFC for DNA quantification is the accuracy tolerances of the equipment being utilized. Again, obtaining the best equipment is the most significant factor in successful DNA quantification studies.

The Micro Focus Cell has a broad range of applications for which it can be used. The largest field that would benefit from this product is the DNA research industry. However, scientists in forensics, RNA research, protein analysis, and any other type of spectroscopy experiments where small sample size is crucial.

Now the Micro Focus Cell is designed to fit into virtually any spectrophotometer, regardless of the machines laser height (Z-Dimension). The Micro Focus Cell supports all Z-dimensions, which include 8.5 mm, 15 mm, and 20 mm. If a user has multiple spectrophotometers in their laboratory with various Z-dimensions, they can use the same exact Micro Focus Cell in each different machine. No other micro cell on the market offers its users such flexibility.

Some of the most popular spectrophotometers for DNA quantification that benefit from the Micro Focus Cell are the Eppendorf Biophotometer Plus, the Implen NanoPhotometer, Perkin Elmer's Lambda Bio, and the BioRad SmartSpec Plus Spectrophotometer. These machines are designed for nano sized measurements and combined with the MFC they are transformed into powerful Nano spectrophotometers at a fraction of the cost.

To collect the best DNA quantification data a scientist must have the proper tools such as, a high end spectrophotometer, specially trained scientists, and of course an NSG Micro Focus Cell. Once using this superior ultra micro cell and experiencing the enhanced results, scientists will never be able to use another cuvette.

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