Pain Management Doctor in Scottsdale Offering New Pain Relief Procedures

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Pain management doctor in Scottsdale, Dr. Vengurlekar, a leading scientific authority in the realm of pain management, boasts new procedures that are taking the medical world by storm.

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Pain Management Doctor Scottsdale

Dr. V.’s transforaminal selective root sleeve injection, allows patients to return to work or play the very next day.

The blossoming science of chronic pain management has come to a head over the past few decades, and leading the charge in this revolutionary science is Dr. Vengurlekar, also known as Dr. V. A board-certified interventional pain specialist, Dr. V. has refined some breakthrough procedures that are surprising even veterans in the medical scene.

One of the most popular procedures of Dr. V. is the transforaminal selective root sleeve injection. Standard, traditional epidurals inject huge amounts of steroids into the spinal space via a large eight inch needle. Such an unspecific procedure gives very little control as to where the medication targets and relies more on random chance than skill in alleviating pain. Pain Management Doctor, Dr. V., on the other hand, using a transforaminal selective root sleeve injection, injects a very small quantity of medication targeted at the specific area of the inflamed nerve root with a success rate of between 90 and 95 percent. Substantial, long-lasting pain relief is associated with Dr. V.’s transforaminal selective root sleeve injection, allowing patients to return to work or play the very next day (compared to prolonged debilitation associated with the surgeries performed by other surgeons). The transforaminal selective root sleeve injection, as provided by Dr. V., is also a simple out-patient procedure that works to keep the patient comfortable at all times and is an overall non-traumatic procedure.

Coblation nucleoplasty is also one of Dr. V.’s specialties. The procedure itself is a safe, relatively pain-free outpatient procedure that safely and precisely treats those suffering from herniated discs. The procedure removes disc material from between the vertebrae and requires only minimal anesthesia. Coblation nuceloplasty uses energized plasma to dissolve the soft tissue at relatively low temperatures, helping to avoid burning or discomfort. This state of the art procedure preserves and protects the surrounding tissue and also promotes healing by coagulating any bleeding that occurs.

Dr. V., widely considered the best pain management doctor in Scottsdale, has also received considerable praise for his breakthrough kyphoplasty procedure. This procedure actually restores the structural integrity of fractured vertebrae in the spinal column. A special needle is inserted into the fractured body of the deformed vertebra under guided imaging using fluoroscopy, a real-time digital imaging technique. Fine tubing with a deflated balloon is then inserted into the soft center of the crushed bone and ingeniously inflated to restore structure and form to the fractured vertebra. This inflation pops the collapsed bone up, restores the original shape of the vertebra as a whole and creates a space within the vertebra. Medical grade cement is then injected carefully into the newly-created cavity, stabilizing and reforming the vertebra for a quick recovery. The balloon itself is then deflated and removed.

Those suffering from chronic pain should turn to pain management doctor Dr. V. if they have had any failed back surgeries, a harmful accident that doesn’t seem to be healing, or any type of recurring, painful ailment that is detrimental to everyday life.

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