Top Pain Management Doctor Provides Safer, Easier Alternative For Herniated Disc Sufferers

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Coblation nucleoplasty, a breakthrough, outpatient procedure that utilizes plasma energy to provide pain relief to those suffering from herniated discs, is available from Scottsdale’s leading pain specialist, Dr. Vengurlekar.

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Coblation nuceloplasty, having been used over 4.5 million times to treat sufferers of herniated discs, only requires a patient to take a single day off from work

Coblation nucleoplasty, a revolutionary procedure now offered by Scottsdale’s pain management specialist, Dr. Vengurlekar, is helping those affected by herniated discs return to the normal, pain-free lives they deserve.

A herniated disc is the product of one of the soft rubbery cushions, or disks, found between spinal vertebrae becoming deformed, squished or broken. Sometimes referred to as a ruptured protruding disk, this deviation can cause persistent pain and general numbness throughout the back and even spread to an arm or a leg.

Though pain from herniated discs is sometimes controlled without coblation nuceloplasty through exercising, over-the-counter prescription drugs and sometimes physical therapy, herniated discs can often be too severe and stubborn for these methods, and usually the relief from these measures is not long-lasting. Top Pain Management Doctor, Dr. Vengurlekar, or Dr. V. as he is known by his patients and colleagues, has spent much of his professional career learning about and treating persisting pain and has become the region’s leading expert on the coblation nuceloplasty procedure.

Coblation nuceloplasty by Dr. V. is a safe, relatively pain-free outpatient procedure that safely and precisely removes excess herniated disc material from between the vertebrae. Requiring only minimal anesthesia, coblation nuceloplasty uses energized plasma to dissolve the soft tissue at low temperatures. This preserves and protects the surrounding tissue and also promotes healing by coagulating any bleeding that occurs.

Coblation nuceloplasty, having been used over 4.5 million times to treat sufferers of herniated discs, only requires a patient to take a single day off from work for this procedure which is completed within thirty minutes or so. Relief through this advanced pain management technique is also almost immediately felt by the patient – any pain from the herniated disc is immediately reduced as soon after the procedure is completed.

Beyond his exceptional prowess in performing the coblation nucleoplasty procedure, Dr. V. is well known as a very accomplished and respected and authoritative figure in the medical world. Starting medical school at only 16 years old, Dr. V. is an alumnus of St. John’s Medical College and is a board-certified surgeon with training in both cardiovascular and thoracic surgery. Top Pain Management Doctor , Dr. V. holds board certification in minimally-invasive surgeries for pain and has been specializing in the field of chronic pain relief for over 20 years.

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To find out more about the coblation nucleoplasty and other minimally invasive procedures for pain relief contact:

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