Leading Numerology Resource Numerologist.com to Re-launch Website, New Site Hosts Announced

Numerologist.com, has redefined itself to an educational portal, dedicated to numerological education, pattern recognition, and self empowerment. Spearheaded by hosts Dawn DelVecchio and Master Numerologist Roy Kirkland, the new look and content has been released.

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The new website will feature timely reports, free online training articles, an extensive educational video library, in depth podcast interviews, a monthly full feature Digital Magazine... and other valuable online training sessions.

Beaverton, Oregon (PRWEB) December 10, 2012

Numerologist.com, a comprehensive online resource for analyzing numbers and patterns to attain increased self empowerment, is set to launch its new and improved website in about a month’s time. To coincide with the launch, a new site host and new site expert are also being introduced: host and online personality Dawn DelVecchio and Master Numerologist Roy Kirkland, bring over 20 years experience to the established portal.

"At Numerologist.com, we understand that numbers are more than simply place-holders for quantities," says Roy Kirkland, Master numerologist, "As the ancient Masters of Hidden Knowledge clearly understood, numbers can actually guide us to greater self-knowledge by revealing hidden patterns and empowering us to make sustainable, positive choices for our lives."

In times of rapid change (both personal and global events which occur daily), possessing the skills to decipher the best choice at a critical moment becomes not just convenient, but necessary. Numerologist.com's mission is to provide high-quality numerological information and education to help its community make the most of any decision, no matter how small or large. The new website will feature timely reports, free online training articles, an extensive educational video library, in depth podcast interviews, a monthly full feature Digital Magazine, a rich and rewarding community, and other valuable online training sessions.

Two new hosts bring a wealth of added knowledge to the educational community portal. Dawn DelVecchio, brings 30 years of divination experiences include; Master Astrology, Tarot, Native American traditions, Sacred Ceremony, Personal Development, goal setting, and much more. Dawn also has vast experience in journalism as a: freelance writer, magazine editor, and professional blogger and more. "I am honored to be part of the Numerologist.com community," DelVecchio states. "It's as if all the skills I've developed throughout the years have a beautiful channel now; I can give more deeply and freely than ever before!"

Master Numerologist Roy Kirkland has had decades of experience in numerology and astrology. He is a master numerologist and has practiced various arts of divination over a span of several decades and is a long time practitioner of Tibetan Yoga, Taoist Healing, Shamanic Practices, and the Western Mystery traditions. Roy has also gained a number of professional certifications from the U.S. and India. "I am totally devoted to working with those who choose to take charge of their lives and navigate the currents of change toward well-being, prosperity and happiness," says Kirkland.

When a person is empowered to live in sync with the universe and his or her own Sacred Nature, they are in the best position to make the right decisions for Self, family, community, and ultimately, the world. By helping to introduce concepts such as numerological compatibility, Life Path Number, Expression Number, and our Soul Urge number, Numerologist.com’s new site hopes open doors and add value to the lives of members all over the world.

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