Top Business Growth Consultant Terri Levine Gives Expert Opinion on How to Spur Job Growth and the Economy

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Business Growth Consultant Terri Levine explains how entrepreneurs are the key to creating more jobs in America because of their great ideas and innovation.

In order to propel business growth and job growth, there needs to be over a million entrepreneurial start-up companies

It’s not easy to find a solution in the ever-growing problem of unemployment and lack of job creation in the United States. If you listen to the political rhetoric it sounds like a very difficult task to create jobs and promote innovation. Not according to one business consultant, who believes business growth and job creation is actually a lot simpler than the politicians make it sound. Terri Levine is taking a stance claiming entrepreneurs are the key factor to spur job growth and get the US back to a stable economy

Americans are known for great ideas and innovations. What the country most needs right now is to stimulate entrepreneurs and encourage business growth and development so they can turn their ideas into great businesses -- creating millions of new jobs.

“Entrepreneurs are the heart of creating jobs,” explains Terri Levine, a business consultant who has been helping entrepreneurs for more than 30 years. “When you think of America you know we are a country founded on innovation. Whether it’s the Wright Brothers, Henry Ford or Steve Jobs, these entrepreneurs boosted jobs, and the economy, with their great ideas and innovations. America needs to keep creating ideas and selling them. Manufacturing is no longer where the jobs are at; the real opportunity lies in the entrepreneurs and businesses that are innovative with their ideas, strategies, and execution. These individuals create businesses, which in turn create jobs.”

And it’s not just entrepreneurship that is important, says Terri. We also need more cities, local and national leadership and universities to support entrepreneurial innovation.

“The more our universities and cities support entrepreneurs and the ‘start-up’ mentality, the more of these small businesses experience business growth, which allows them to expand their business locally, nationally or even internationally, and thus creates jobs that didn’t exist before,” Levine explains.

Although there are about 6 million operating businesses in the United States with fewer than 500 employees, there are 90,000 companies with 100-500 employees, 18,000 companies with 500-10,000 workers, and 1,000 large companies with 10,000 employees or more.

“In order to propel business growth and job growth, there needs to be over a million entrepreneurial start-up companies. As large businesses may increase their hiring, they are also increasing the amount of layoffs,” Levine said. “What these start-ups will provide is business to the 6 million smaller companies that will create job opportunities in the short-term and long-term.”

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