Ira S Wolfe Releases Kindle Version of His Popular Manager’s Primer on Employee Motivation

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A recent study revealed more than 50 percent of employees would leave their jobs for a company that recognized employees for their efforts. Effective recognition programs start with understanding what each individual employee values. In the just released Kindle version of his book Understanding Business Values and Motivators, hiring expert and author Ira S Wolfe shares a proven model to recognize and apply worldview knowledge into marketing, sales, recruiting, and retention strategies. The book is intended to be the 21st Century manager's primer to understanding how to motivate employees.

Understanding Business Values & Motivators now available on Kindle

Learn what employees value and how to keep them motivated

"...a lack of employee engagement is costing the organization anywhere from 35 to 50 percent of payroll."

Companies who acquire customers and recruit employees whose worldviews resonate with its products and services receive big dividends. To capture the highest level of employee motivation and customer engagement, companies must first identify six primary worldviews. That’s the message from Ira Wolfe in his book Understanding Business Values and Motivators, which was just released on Amazon’s Kindle.

“A proven solution for building customer and employee engagement,” according to Wolfe, who is also president of Success Performance Solutions, “is understanding worldviews. They account for the way people see the world, including using products, services, and company culture. The only way to build employee and customer engagement without a hit-or-miss strategy is understanding how others see you and view your products or services.”

The cost of ignoring what employees value is huge, Wolfe reports. In many companies a lack of employee engagement is costing the organization anywhere from 35 to 50 percent of payroll. The costs for missing what customers value is even greater.

In his book, Wolfe identifies and discusses the six primary worldviews, often referred to as values or attitudes that help decipher the mystery of employee motivation. “When people see, hear, or touch something, they value it more or less based on their worldview,” says Wolfe. “We tend to value things more positively that match our worldviews, and take a negative stance on those that don’t. By understanding what others value, managers can build cultures that has broader and deeper appeal to customers and employees. And when people value something, they become engaged and motivated to keep it or get more of it.”

When it comes to business, Wolfe concludes that companies will always do better if they market, sell, recruit, and retain by matching the worldview of the people they are trying to reach. “The message must be transparent and honest,” insists Wolfe, “and that occurs when you understand what others value.”

Understanding Business Values and Motivators now is available on Amazon Kindle, as well as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or direct from Success Performance Solutions (

For a limited time, a free preview of Understanding Business Values and Motivators can be downloaded here.

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About Ira S Wolfe
Ira S Wolfe is one of the nation's thought leaders on workforce trends and a popular speaker at conferences and business meetings. He is president of Success Performance Solutions and the author of Geeks, Geezers, and Googlization and Perfect Labor Storm 2.0. In addition to his keynotes and workshops, Wolfe blogs extensively about the future of the workplace, generational differences, as well as best recruiting and hiring practices. Wolfe is currently scheduling media interviews as well as keynotes and other presentations for the fall of 2012 and 2013.

For more information about Ira S Wolfe or Success Performance Solutions, please visit his website at Success Performance Solutions has offices in Lancaster PA and Berlin MD.

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