Hair Topper Solutions for Thinning Hair Offers Wholesale Prices to Beauty Salons

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Hair Topper is now offering the concealing hair fibers at wholesale prices for beauty salons and barber shops for clients who suffer with thinning hair.‭ ‬For the first time ever Hair Topper will expand website sales.‭

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I share Hair Topper with my clients in the salon. They are amazed at the out come of their new thicker hair. My sales in loyal customers has increased.

Hair Topper is now offering the product for concealing thinning hair to beauty salon owners at wholesale prices.‭ ‬Private owned beauty salons and barber shops will now have an opportunity to increase revenue and provide a solution for individuals who suffer from thinning hair.‭ ‬The CEO of Hair Topper,‭ ‬Joan Olson is a licensed Cosmetologist for twenty one years and understands the need for a new technology in the beauty industry.‭ ‬Olson says,‭ “‬I have seen beauty salons fall victim to professional brands of hair care products selling out.‭ ‬Salon brand retailers not only sell professional hair care products to beauty salons,‭ ‬the retailers also sold the same products in supermarkets,‭ ‬department stores and drug stores‭”‬.‭ ‬What was once a large corporation or company’s promise to sell professional hair care products to only beauty salons,‭ ‬licensed cosmetologist,‭ ‬and barbers is no longer being honored or upheld.‭ ‬Olson states,‭ “‬The real victims and hardest hit from the broken promises of the hair care industry must now compete in the retail price war with much larger retail chains.‭ ‬This is something local businesses find difficult to do in this tough economy‭”‬.‭

Olson also knows why Hair Topper will work well in the health and beauty industry.‭ ‬The reason is people no longer have to suffer from the public seeing the scalp from lack of hair.‭ ‬Hair Topper hides the balding areas flawlessly. Hair Topper will give salons and barber shops an upper hand in the price war against the larger retail chains.‭ ‬Hair Topper wants to give the beauty industry a head start in attracting new clients to the salon and build a new wave of potential clients.‭ ‬It wants to give the beauty industry an opportunity‭ (‬that they so desperately need‭) ‬for retail sales and capital gains without competing with the retail chain stores.‭ ‬Hair Topper is new and has been in business for two years.‭ ‬Salon owners need to have something so new so different and should act fast to bring the latest technology to the salon for additional hair care services.‭ ‬

Salons that carry Hair Topper use the product after styling and add an additional charge for the service if the client is not ready to purchase on the day of the hair care service.‭ ‬That is the sort of edge the beauty industry needs to set them apart from department store chains.‭ ‬Hair Topper has something so new,‭ ‬so different that salon owners should look in to this latest technology, to offer to the clients as an additional hair service and future retail sales.‭ Hair Topper offers eight different natural shades:‭ ‬black,‭ ‬dark brown,‭ ‬medium brown,‭ ‬light brown/blonde,‭ ‬silver,‭ ‬salt and pepper,‭ ‬and auburn.‭ ‬The fibers are eco friendly:‭ ‬60%‭ ‬organic and hypo-allergenic.‭

Hair Topper is manufactured in America.‭ ‬We are a company that is a strong supporter of American made products.‭ ‬Our goal is to give solutions for thinning hair issues and bring self-confidence to a whole new level.‭ ‬To see a full demonstration of Hair Topper you can watch a video on enter this link:


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