New IT Support Software Update by SimpleHelp Rewrites the Rule Book for Remote Access

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A new version of SimpleHelp's IT support software improves the speed and responsiveness of remote access and support sessions to near theoretical limits.

SimpleHelp Remote Support Software

SimpleHelp Remote Support Software

Typically on a session we now see no more than 5-10% above the network link latency which means a consistently more responsive session and a happier user."

A recent update by top IT support software provider uses a revolutionary algorithm to increase responsiveness in remote support and remote access sessions.

SimpleHelp’s self hosted remote IT support software has been in use by thousands of customers over many years. During its ongoing development incremental updates have added features to improve the speed and responsiveness of on-demand remote support sessions and unattended remote access sessions. The company's latest update goes a step further and brings the responsiveness of remote sessions near to the theoretical limit imposed by geography and physics.

Responsiveness is of crucial importance in any remote support or remote access application. When viewing and controlling a remote computer, the best experience possible is the feeling of sitting using the remote machine as if it were actually in the room.

A key factor in this responsiveness is the latency on the network connection - the time taken for information sent to travel to and from the remote computer. This delay determines how quickly screen and control information is delivered and can have a huge impact on the user’s experience.

Between two computers on the internet there will always be some delay introduced by geography and the physical hardware used to transfer the data. Over a national internet link this could be roughly 1/10th of a second meaning a theoretical delay of at least 2/10ths of a second between clicking the mouse and seeing the remote computer respond. However, over a typical internet connection differences in speed and variations in the flow of data can cause pockets of old data to build up leading to larger delays of up to seconds.

To address this SimpleHelp’s recent v3.12 release introduces a revolutionary new algorithm to actively and intelligently monitor communications to and from the remote machine to ensure that these pockets remain clear and the delay the user sees is kept to an absolute minimum given the geographical and physical limitations.

A development spokesperson explained: “Although we have always taken steps to try to keep latency down, monitoring and adapting to reduce the delay under all circumstances is something we focused on in the development of 3.12 and we’re very happy with how it has turned out. Typically on a session we now see no more than 5%-10% above the network link latency which means a consistently more responsive session and a happier user.”

SimpleHelp Ltd are a UK based company offering self hosted remote support software.

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