Lose Belly Fat Fast the Naked Way

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Weight loss guru explains how stripping away unwanted foods and going on a 'naked carb' diet can provide incredible results with burning belly fat fast - http://burnholidayfat.com

Fat loss does not need to be difficult even though radical approaches exist that promise easy results but are actually unhealthy and dangerous. There are easy dietary changes that can be made to enjoy incredible results, easily losing 10-15lbs of unwanted fat.

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Here are the 3 Simple and Easy Fat Loss Rules of the 'Naked Carb' Plan:

1. Don’t eat anything that is white. Name every single food that is white and chances are its detracting from weight loss goals: bread, pasta, crackers, most cereals, flour based products, white potatoes, white rice, and pasteurized dairy and cheese are all no-no’s during this time. (Healthy foods like cauliflower, chicken, turkey, fish, white pork are all exceptions to this rule).

2. Only drink water, NOTHING else! How about coffee? Just to keep any possible withdrawal headaches at bay, one small cup of organic black coffee. According to the Institute of Medicine, it is recommended to drink a minimum of 1/2 of bodyweight in ounces of water each day (ex. a person weigsh 200 lbs, needs to drink 100 ounces) to really see the fat fall off.

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3. Don’t eat anything with the word wheat in the ingredients list. Again, this includes bread, pasta, crackers and cereal. Many packaged snack foods also contain wheat so be sure to read the ingredients list carefully.

Applying these easy fat loss rules to a personal eating plan for the next 2 weeks will bring about some amazing fat loss results in no time.

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