Wireless Wealth in Network Marketing

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Mark Yarnell and his wife Valerie are in the process of creating wireless wealth strategies that will change network marketing forever.

Mark Yarnell, author of the Random House bestseller "Your First Year In Network Marketing," has announced the creation of a strategic plan for smart phone wealth building. According to Yarnell, "Most people have wireless wealth building tools at their disposal and the time necessary to prosper in relationship marketing. In fact, it is far easier today than ever before to create a huge international profit center without modifying one’s behavior."

“It took a while to figure this process out,” explained Yarnell, “but the more I observed the behavior of random people from all walks of life, the more it dawned on me that for the first time in capitalist history, everyone has the tools to achieve unlimited wealth. By using the very algorithms which were created for real time social connectivity, any person from any walk of life has the wireless computing power to generate remarkable income. It just makes sense that with a smart phone more powerful than the computers which controlled the original moon landings, people have at their disposal the computational tools necessary to create huge amounts of disposal income. If human beings can make it to the moon, we should be able to build downlines.”

Yarnell contends that network marketing success has long been limited by two factors: over priced long distance communication costs and limited personal time in which to execute direct sales strategies. As he continued to observe individuals from every sector utilizing technology for social applications, it became clear that financial success was within reach of every individual in western culture. It simply makes sense to benefit financially from a wireless feed-drip to which everyone is connected 24/7.

“Although careful company selection is a critical component of wireless wealth, the ability to perform rational due diligence on those products and services most likely to create principleless interest is easy to learn. Obviously when it comes to network marketing or multilevel marketing, there are thousands of upstart companies competing for new distributors and many lack the capital, patent protected credible science and ownership competence necessary to thrive long-term. While wireless-created wealth is now within the reach of everyone, not all companies meet the right criteria. More importantly, every network marketing opportunity must be evaluated from the perspective of time sensitivity. Joining at the wrong time, even if the company is great, will result in an inability to create the truly large checks,” according to Yarnell. “There’s only one ‘momentum’ in the life cycle of every company. Miss it, and you can forget earning huge checks.

Mark and his wife Valerie who have coauthored several books, are in the process of doing research for a final work in which their wireless wealth strategies will be discussed in detail. Until then, many individuals are following their breakthroughs at both MarkYarnell.com, TheQStory.com and TheQRadio.com.

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