Provides Insight Into What May Happen As The “End Of The World” Comes Today On December 21, 2012

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Professional Numerologist Roy Kirkland analyzes the numerical value and meaning of December 21, 2012. This is a significant date because the Mayan Calendar comes to an end on this date. Many people predict that because the calendar comes to an end, December 21, 2012 will be the end of world.


Does this mean the end of the world? Well, there certainly are many changes happening right now, some of which can be related to astrological phenomena - but nothing scary is happening astrologically.

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Over the past few years, much has been said about the Mayan Calendar coming to an end. To many people, the end of the Mayan Calendar means the end of the world. Let’s take a look at how the Mayan Calendar works...

The Mayans, who were brilliant mathematicians, had a system of counting that allowed them to calculate their calendar millions of years into the past or the future. They used modulo arithmetic, common to astrology and numerology. They worked in “base 20”, which means that they counted by 20’s in the same way we count by tens. They also were aware of “0”, which made them very sophisticated and flexible, as far as math is concerned.

The Mayan calendar is composed of three different calendars that ran parallel to one another.
The first is the Long Count Calendar, which had the ability to count thousands of years into the past or future. Because they believed that the world was “destroyed and remade” at the end of these cycles, many doomsday prophecies have arisen.

The second component is the Tzolkin calendar, which is concerned with ritual. It counted a 260 day cycle made up of 20 periods of 13 days, which is close to the cycle of Venus. Each day has its own name based on which cycle of 20 it is in; 260 days later, the cycle repeats.
The third is called the Haab calendar, or civil calendar, which is composed of 365 days which approximate the Solar year. Any date in the Mayan Calendar is comprised of a Haab and a Tzolkin date; it takes 52 years to complete a “Sacred Round”, much like the 60 year cycle of the Chinese Solar Calendar.

What’s most important to us are the 5 components that make up the Long Count, the largest being the Baktun. There are 13 Baktun in a world cycle, each of which are 144,000 days long - this equals 5125.36 years and is called the “Great Cycle.” According to current opinion, the 13th Baktun will end at 11:11 Universal time, on December 21st, 2012.

This happens to be the exact date and time of this year’s Winter Solstice. In many societies, the Solstice marks the “death and rebirth” of the Sun. It is celebrated as far south as equatorial Africa and is well known through mythological allegories throughout the world.

Does this mean the end of the world? Well, there certainly are many changes happening right now, some of which can be related to astrological phenomena - but nothing scary is happening astrologically.

Whether this timing for the end of the Baktun was “adjusted” to coincide with astrological cycles is a valid question, because we have no proof that other Long Count cycles did. But Terrence McKenna also found a similar elemental cycle while using the Yijing (I-Ching) to study human history – it has many key convergences on 12/21/2012 as well.

But this kind of “coincidence” is important to the careful arithmancer, who understands all calendars as convenient ways to measure time. It’s only natural to see a convergence of many different systems as a “sign” with an important meaning. To the interpretive side of the craft of numerology, when these synchronicities occur, meaning always trumps math.

A student of Numerology might realize that the count of 144,000 days reduces to 9, and that it marks a 16,000 day long 9 cycle, just like a 9 personal year on a “cosmic” level. The 16,000 reduces to 7, which is the number usually associated with spiritual work and “secret” knowledge.

Many writers have suggested that the end/new beginning of the Long Count is an end/new beginning for humanity, offering a unique opportunity to experience expanded awareness; but what could this mean on a personal level? For one thing, a 7/9 combination can refer to the merging of spiritual and material knowledge so that they can merge and be transformed into true universal wisdom.

Signs like this mean it’s a good time to tune in to the current of your Soul Urge Number. Meditate on your Soul Urge Challenge, and what lessons you can learn from it now. Spend some time thinking about how you can implement a strategy that complements your Soul Urge, so that as the new cycle manifests, the connection between your inner self and the world at large grow in power. This will enable you to navigate by synchronicity and manifest your desires through the power of imagination at a greater scale than ever before. In Numerology, the longer the time cycle, the more powerful it is; a 144,000 day long current translates to a mighty potent wave of synchronicity!

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