Latest SuperFastBusiness News Focuses on Straight Out of the Box Responsive Wordpress Themes and Easy Website Navigation Tips

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In its latest offering, SuperFastBusiness news directs attention to “responsive” Wordpress themes ideal for smartphone and tablet computer users, as well as useful tips and strategies on how to make websites really simple and easy to navigate for browsers, such as making sure that only relevant plugins are used and taking advantage of a 5-hour package to conduct a website check.

James Schramko - Online Business Expert

When your website hits a different screen size, your website should be viewable by scrolling vertically without having to go horizontally and it will also make the images the right size.

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With a consistently growing number of people accomplishing their online activities through their mobile devices, SuperFastBusiness brings to readers’ attention the important strategy of making websites “responsive” and very simple to navigate. These strategies are easy to implement through the exciting offerings of SuperFastBusiness.

James Schramko, Internet Marketing expert and CEO of SuperFastBusiness easily defines the term “responsive” as “…more or less a skin for your WordPress that will adjust when it meets different screen resolutions. Traditionally a responsive theme will work across 4 different web sizes.” There’s a tool that people can use to check what their websites look like in various screen options. He adds, “When your website hits a different screen size, your website should be viewable by scrolling vertically without having to go horizontally and it will also make the images the right size.” All this can be done without plugins if people have responsive themes for their Wordpress sites.

It takes a substantial amount of work and money to make custom websites responsive, though; experts are required to properly code the websites so they can work across different screen sizes because a lot of themes are not responsive out of the box. While there are free plugins that can be used to make websites adapt to mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers, these plugins typically have their own themes that do not necessarily make websites look the same on a small screen as they do on a standard big screen, which can be rather confusing and difficult to navigate. However, with the pre-made, straight out of the box responsive Wordpress themes which are available through ATLWeb, these issues can easily be addressed.

To those who are not sure if their website needs to be responsive, Schramko recommends looking at analytics, “…it will tell you the percentage of people who use a mobile device. What you will find is that on some blog sites, you got a high mobile usage and then the more commercial you get; you might start to drop down a little bit on the mobile usage.”

He also claims that more than anything, making sure that the websites are easy to navigate is very important. Keeping everything relevant and useful; providing all the information (such as contact details and history of the business) most people look for in an easily viewable manner; and not to flooding the site with numerous plugins are some more of the expert’s valuable instructions.

With regard to plugins, Schramko advises conducting a website check to see which plugins are present and if they are working compatibly for easy viewing. He says that it’s also a good idea to back-up websites using something like BackUp Buddy (a smart Wordpress plugin that backs up Wordpress sites - not just content but themes, SQL database and other plugins that come with the complete Wordpress package) for a big plugin change. Those who do not have the technical know-how for this may go to and order a 5-hour pack which includes a wide range of services such as WordPress health check for SEO, as well as, security and compliance, and even tips or advice about hosting or moving sites from one site to another.

Schramko also mentions other related products and services, directing those looking to buy a website that’s already been built to for domains and websites for sale and those interested in using animations to “This is where you supply us an audio track and then we animate it with around 20 custom pictures. They’re handmade for you. They’re not stock images; they’re not made with some cartoon generator. These are original pictures. So you can get around about 20 custom images put to your soundtrack and we’ll animate that for you.”

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