Investment Technology Company Verdant Analysis Projects Shifting Power Base in Investment Industry

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"Shareholder Spring" and the current turmoil in the investment industry is fertile ground for greater investor power predicts Investment Technology firm Verdant Analysis.

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When given access to deep information and the ability to manipulate it investors will be able to create remarkable and profitable strategies.

“Shareholder spring” is the current trend of owner activism that seeks to bring executive pay levels down from the stratospheric heights they have risen to in the last 30 years. From Bloomberg, to Forbes to the Financial Times, shareholder spring is a hot topic as an antidote against the moral hazard that has grown along with outsized executive paychecks.

Roger Martin, dean of the University Of Toronto Rotman School Of Business and one of the world’s most innovative business thinkers, was one of the first people talking about executive pay reform. He has described this as saving capitalism from itself.

The results so far look promising and will play a part in establishing a much more democratic landscape.

However, according to Verdant Analysis, there is more to be accomplished. There has always been a significant difference between the investment analysis tools available to professionals, such as financial analysts, and other investors. If this is a war for investment equality, it will be decided on the basis of technology.

The company is positioning itself to be at the vanguard.

“Our mandate at Verdant Analysis is to develop institutional grade investment tools that are friendly and available to any and all investors,” says Jennifer Cameron, CEO. “The internet has made it possible to access reams of information and data. The next logical step is technology that turns raw information into knowledge. ”

When given access to deep information and the ability to manipulate it Verdant says that everyday investors will be able to create remarkable and profitable strategies.

“We believe that the best investors in history have made a point of thinking for themselves,” says Cameron. “Our technology is not a black box that tells people when to invest and what to invest in. Our users answer that question for themselves, but from a position of strength and knowledge rather than guess work and hopeful thinking.”

In the war for investor equity, the first beachheads were established in the mid- 90s with the advent of online brokerages. These upstarts significantly changed the industry but did not solve market information inequities.

The next wave saw the proliferation of technical analysis web sites, or charting tools. Charting relies on past price information, but because it is easy to acquire it’s considered to be of little predictive value. Nevertheless, it was at the heart of a vigorous and profitable industry and a spawned a whole new career: day trader.

Day trading, once considered an enviable life-style, is a front where heavy causalities have been taken. As reality catches up with hype, the realization hits that most people lose money. The reason is technology. Program trading is difficult to compete against; trying to beat a machine in analyzing price movements and executing thousands of trades per second is a losing strategy.

These trends and changes established a footing, but the ground was still pocketed with landmines. It took a cataclysmic event, the financial crisis of 2008 to make the public aware of the dangers informational imbalances generate.

In the years since 2008, new and positive developments have begun to surface. Online communities such as Seeking Alpha are re-defining financial news. Investment research sites such as Stock Network consolidate information and empower users. Blogging and micro-blogging sites like Twitter give a forum for and an audience to a new generation of thought leaders.

“We want to see people play to their strengths in investing and in the 21st century it is all about creativity. This is the unique human attribute and that cannot be mimicked by machines. Our technology is designed to work in service of this incredible power,” says Cameron

About Verdant Analysis
Verdant Analysis helps investors achieve investment excellence by providing the tools and information to design, test and measure investment strategies. The result is improved speed and quality in financial decision making. Our powerful and intuitive applications are designed to meet the needs, including custom design needs, of serious investors performing robust analysis. The data infrastructure upon which the applications reside includes market and financial statement information, with new data streams to be incorporated shortly.

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