Guardly Announces First Mobile Mass Notification System to Support Location-Targeting, Indoor Location Positioning and Sending 500,000 Notifications in Seconds

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Provides real-time threat intelligence, situational awareness, audience engagement rates and interactions, and indoor location-based identification of at-risk individuals for private enterprises

For the first time, CSOs and Directors of Security Operations can leverage the power of an integrated mass notification and indoor positioning system, which can drastically improve readiness and response to threats.

Guardly today announced its Mobile Mass Notification System (MMNS), the first enterprise-grade emergency mass notification system designed to send 500,000 location-targeted notifications to mobile apps in seconds using real-time, cloud and native mobile technologies. The Guardly MMNS service is integrated directly into the company’s mobile safety applications to deliver the notifications to intended recipients. The MMNS service is also coupled tightly with Guardly’s Indoor Positioning System (IPS), which helps security operators find the indoor locations of people at-risk and requesting assistance in response to mass notification events. Interested companies can apply to join our MMNS Early-Access Beta program.

Most emergency mass notification systems are designed to disseminate messages to pre-defined groups of people regardless of their location, despite whether a threat poses a risk to only a subset of individuals. In addition to send-to-all capabilities, Guardly’s MMNS goes beyond to provide security operations administrators with a unique way to send location-targeted notifications to people located within specific geographic boundaries and buildings in real-time. This is an improvement to existing mass notification capabilities, which commonly leverage group-based distribution lists to notify recipients regardless of their location.

The Guardly MMNS service helps with emergency preparedness planning, as the notification manager provides the ability to create and save notification and distribution profiles in advance, for later use when time is of the essence. Once a mass notification has been sent, the MMNS real-time interactions and analytics dashboard assists security administrators in gathering threat intelligence. The system aggregates requests for help, inbound messages and photos from notification recipients (all time-stamped and geo-tagged), and summarizes notification engagement rates for further analysis and reporting. Help requests and inbound replies can be filtered by location to simplify information management and make it easier to identify key stakeholders and individuals who may be at risk. When coupled with the Guardly IPS module, help requests can be further sorted by individual buildings and floors.

In the event security operators become overloaded with distress calls, Guardly MMNS works in the background to log each help request, inbound message, photo and location update in the system – to ensure each person requesting assistance can eventually be addressed and contacted by security personnel. “For the first time, CSOs and Directors of Security Operations can leverage the power of an integrated mass notification and indoor positioning system, which can drastically improve readiness and response to threats,” says Nolan Dubeau, VP Engineering at Guardly. “For example, in case of a fire in a large-scale building, our mass notification system can disseminate the information to individuals within the building in seconds and immediately begin transmitting help requests from people trapped inside – even if they lose consciousness due to smoke inhalation, Guardly’s IPS-enabled mobile apps will continue to provide indoor location positioning to assist in their rescue.”

Guardly MMNS is a great enhancement and augmentation to many existing mass notification systems, offering a new channel of notification delivery and a valuable intelligence layer with regards to the people and places at-risk. The system is cost-effective – priced as a subscription service – and does not place huge fees on customers each time the system is used. This allows customers to use the system more frequently and reduce the risk of “decision paralysis”, which can further reduce potential liability and negligence lawsuits. Guardly has already integrated with other mass notification services, and can easily interoperate with others systems using its extensible web services API.

Beyond enhancing the duty of care provided to employees, staff, students, patrons, transit riders or inhabitants of a municipality, Guardly’s Mobile Mass Notification System for emergencies aids in compliance with local and federal laws, regulations, instructions and orders surrounding communication of imminent threats to local audiences. Guardly's MMNS supports data export and exchange standards for initiatives such as Next Generation 9-1-1, and is Common Alerting Protocol compliant (CAP-compliant). The MMNS service currently works with Apple iOS and Android devices.

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Guardly ( mobile safety solutions help security teams better prepare for and respond to threats against people and key assets they protect. Guardly mobile safety apps available on Android, iPhone, Windows Phone and BlackBerry act as personal emergency phones that provide instant two-way communication with private security and authorities. Guardly’s mobile alerting, indoor location positioning and mass notification technologies improve situational awareness by providing real-time indoor positioning/GPS data, caller identity and the nature of an incident – data otherwise not available to security operators. Guardly Command™ helps security operators monitor, manage and respond to real-time data, make more informed decisions and improve emergency response times by as much as 44 percent.

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