Celebrity Business Analyst Announces Hopes for Arrested Development Movie Due to Unique Salary Deal

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CelebrityBusinessAnalyst.com has released an analysis of the atypical salary arrangement of the cast of Arrested Development and contemplates the possible pay scale of its spin-off film. The discussion comes on the heels of a Business Insider report on the casts’ salary breakdown.

CelebrityBusinessAnalyst.com recently analyzed the unusual salary structure the cast of the popular series Arrested Development has for its new season. After years of attempts to get a movie spin-off in the works after the show’s 2006 cancellation, the show back for a fourth season first to show what the characters have been up to over the last six years. Things are different this time around, with the entire season premiering at once as a “semi-original” Netflix series instead of primetime television. According to a report in Business Insider, the in-demand actors would only return if the pay was worth their time.

Negotiations apparently resulted in an atypical deal in an interesting breakdown, leaving CelebrityBusinessAnalyst.com wondering how the pay scale would measure up for the movie version of Arrested Development.

“This season, each episode of the show is like a chapter in a book,” says series creator Mitch Hurwitz, enabling fans to catch up on the characters’ lives before being thrown into a movie. Every episode “stars” a different character. For each episode, the starring actor is paid $125,000. The pay scale from there on is quite different. If non-starring actors are onscreen for more than 90 seconds of an episode, they are paid $50,000. For appearances of less than 90 minutes, actors receive $10,000. If the episode contains a clip from a previously aired episode, actors featured therein get $1,000.

Despite the high pay for starring in one episode, Jason Bateman (Michael Bluth) says that the cast took a pay cut to come back. Not every cast member appears in all episodes; therefore, the $125,000 per episode payment isn’t quite as impressive as it would be in a usual salary breakdown. Armed with this knowledge, CelebrityBusinessAnalyst.com wonders what it will take for the cast to do the movie spin-off. The actors show dedication in taking a pay cut to come back and pay their dues to the show that spurred their current film careers. Hopefully, the new season on Netflix will generate enough interest and revenue to finalize a deal and get the movie off the ground.

CelebrityBusinessAnalyst.com hopes to see an Arrested Development movie in the near future. The site wonders what type of salary will be sufficient to make the film attractive enough to the entire cast. The unusual salary breakdown of the new fourth season featured on Netflix shows that the cast is willing to negotiate in order to bring fans what they’ve been wanting since the show’s original cancellation in 2006.

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