Judy’s Travel Online Tackles 10 Myths About Travel Consultants

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Judy L. Paczkowski, owner of Judy’s Travel Online, addresses ten common myths people have about using travel consultants. Namely, that consultants cost more to use for research and booking trips and that all travel consultants are equal.

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Judy's Travel Online

I have a network of over 2,600 travel professionals and colleagues who cover the planet on destinations both popular and remote,

Judy L. Paczkowski, owner of Judy’s Travel Online, answers questions about misconceptions consumers have about travel consultants. Judy, who developed her travel company after years of handling business and pleasure trips while working for attorneys for over 30 years, never charges her customers a service fee for her expertise, research and negotiations on travel packages. She has access to many promos, last minute specials and knowledge through her suppliers that the consumer does not.

“Who has the time to spend hours scouring the Internet for competitive prices, never knowing what you will truly end up with? That's my job and as a qualified travel consultant, you’ll know that I've done some serious homework before quoting you a price,” said Judy. “I have a network of over 2,600 travel professionals and colleagues who cover the planet on destinations both popular and remote,” she added.

Judy also takes on the top ten myths consumers have about using a travel consultant and answers travels questions.

1. All Travel Consultants and Agencies are Equal.
Fact: Some travel consultants are skilled to be versatile in all areas. So it's not necessary to find a "cruise specialist” for that all-important cruise. If you want to establish a relationship with a qualified consultant, find one that has knowledge in a lot of different areas.

2. No One Uses Travel Consultants Anymore.
Fact: Travel consultants still sell 51% of all airline tickets, 87% of all cruises, 81% of all tours and packages, 45% of all car rentals and about 47% of all hotels.

3. Travel Consultants Are Trying to Cheat Me if They Don't Quote Me the Cheapest Price.
Fact: Travel consultants know the ‘ins and outs’ of different itineraries. While you may find one travel option that is a little bit cheaper, that cheaper itinerary might involve many headaches. For example, longer waits at the airport and odd travel times. A travel consultant will be looking to get you the best value for you money spent, which should include the most direct and ‘time friendly’ itinerary they can find. Unless you have told them in advance you prefer to have the cheaper options presented as well, expect value to be a factor included in the trip they plan.

4. It is Expensive to Use a Travel Consultant.
Fact: The fee a travel consultant charges really depends upon the consultant. While some of the more luxury agencies have higher fees, the average fee is quite marginal. Some travel consultants will even drop the fee or offer a discount once you have finalized your trip with them. Plus, you can always ask a consultant upfront what their fees are and decide for yourself if it's worth it. Also, it is important to remember that a lot of online booking sites, such as Orbitz, Travelocity and Expedia, charge a booking fee but sometimes it's hidden in the total cost. Judy never charges a service fee. She just doesn’t believe in them.

5. I Can Easily Book the Same Trip on My Own Without Using A Travel Consultant.
Fact: Although travel consultants have access to all of the same outlets you would use when looking to book travel, they also have access to exclusive pricing and package deals that are most times not available to the public. Your travel consultant also has more leverage in dealing with hotels claiming to be booked, when in fact they may still have rooms available for their travel agent partners.

6. Travel Consultants Don't Have Information as Updated as the Internet.
Fact: Travel consultants obtain some of their information from the same sources as online booking sites such as Orbitz, Travelocity and Expedia. They also receive daily emails and faxes with new specials from resorts and hotels that may not be published on the Internet. Travel consultants can also call a place directly to see if they can work out other kinds of special deals for you (breakfast, an upgraded room, etc.), something an online site can't do. Judy’s website (http://www.judystravelonline.com) has a Funjet Vacations booking engine that you can book directly on her website. All the hotels are powered by Expedia so you get all the details, photos, and exactly the same prices as if you were on their site. Also, you get the terrific benefit of Trip Advisor for reviews of the hotels you are thinking about. Judy does price matching also; so if you find a travel package for less, just let her know and she will match it.

7. Travel Consultants Are a Waste of Time.
Fact: Although you can find much of the same information that the travel consultant provides for you, the research involved can be very time consuming. A travel consultant can actually save you from hours of painful research and price comparison-shopping. They have up-to-date prices, hotel conditions, and interesting new activities. Their prior knowledge and experience gives them an upper hand in trip planning.

8. Travel Consultants Have Lost Their Clout.
Fact: Travel consultants reserve hotels, cruises, al-inclusive packages and activities every day. Companies that provide these services know travel consultants bring lots of business to them. So, they work to keep that business coming back. A destination may tell you, "Sorry we are booked,” for your one time trip, they are more likely to make an acceptation for the travel consultant to insure that the consultant sends them more business in the future.

9. Good Travel Consultants are Hard to Find.
Fact: While there are some below par travel consultants out there, by and large the majorities are incredibly helpful and eager to help you plan your dream trip or even just that weekend hotel stay.

10. Travel Consultants Can Only Book My Flight and Hotel.
Fact: Travel consultants can arrange car service, transfers, dinner reservations, personalized tours and activities, in addition to all the basic travel services they provide. They are also excellent sources of information concerning good restaurants, destination information and good sites to see and tips on what to pack.

Visit her website to view her latest and exclusive travel specials on a variety of destinations at http://www.judystravelonline.com. Join her on Facebook and Twitter and visit her new video showing a lot of her personal places that she has visited at: http://mycinsay.com/c/judys-travel-online/travel-the-world

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