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The process of how one becomes addicted to opiates and the best way to go about treating the addiction is often a confusing one for many sufferers and their families. The National Opiate Hotline in now available to provide a source of information to opiate users and their families and friends to find the best treatment facility to begin the process of learning to live life opiate free.


National Opiate Hotline

The operator I spoke with was very helpful. Thanks from me and my family.

Opiate addiction is a disorder of the nervous system that is caused by the continuous, frequent use of opiates. Opiates are substances that are extremely addictive and found in both legal and illegal substances. As someone begins to use opiates, their body becomes used to the substance and decreases its production of the body’s natural painkiller, endorphins, as a response. Over time the body loses the ability to produce endorphins and the opiate user needs ever increasing amounts of the substance and to use it more frequently to maintain the same “high”. Stopping opiate use immediately can be very uncomfortable. It is suggested to begin a supervised opiate withdrawal using a safe treatment plan. This opiate hotline provides free information about the causes of opiate addiction and the various treatment methods that have been successfully used to help opiate users beat their addiction and live opiate free.

There are many different types of substances that are classified as opiates. Currently the most abused opiate is heroin. But other substances, including morphine, codeine, hydrocodone, oxycodone and still more are all types of opiates and all are frequently abused. Prescription opiates are almost as frequently abused as the more illegally obtained substances such as heroin. Some people become addicted after surgery or injury through pain management. That being said, people are abusing opiates for various reasons. Regardless of the reasons for beginning to use opiates, the continuous use of it over time can lead to physical and psychological dependence. http://www.nationalopiatehotline.com can help any addict overcome their addiction.

About National Opiate Hotline
This hotline provides both a toll free telephone number and a website where those suffering from addiction to opiates learn about opiate addiction and the different treatment options available to them. They can begin to confront their addiction and break the cycle to begin to live a drug free life. The toll-free number is answered 24 hours a day to discuss treatment options available so that everyone can successfully fight their drug addiction. Opiate addicts can also visit nationalopiatehotline.com for more information.

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