Study Reveals Local Restaurant Growth Strategy

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Economic downturn? Not for restaurants that have a modern website and a solid online marketing strategy. According to recent studies by, small business restaurants can increase their revenue by 31% if they do things the right way online.

our customers showed business revenue increases of 18- 31% after creating their new site

A recent study conducted among the client base of, a startup providing website services to the restaurant industry, has revealed that small business restaurants have achieved a business revenue increases of 18- 31% after modernizing their websites and adopting an online restaurant marketing strategy.

Being the 2nd largest private sector employer in the US and with an economic impact of $1.7 trillion in 2011 (a.), restaurants are the backbone of the economy. Due to tight margins though, small business restaurants are the first to feel economic shifts. The downturn in the economy is leading restaurant owners to adopt cost effective online marketing strategies, which can counter the decline in business, and drive growth.

Up till recently, the most underutilized marketing channel in the average restaurant’s marketing mix was its own website and its overall online presence. With the majority of restaurant goers checking up on restaurants online before visiting them, and doing so more-and-more often via their mobile phones, small business restaurant owners are now recognizing that a modern online presence is vital for their establishment.

“A modern restaurant website, coupled with an effective online strategy will result in very measurable business growth for restaurants, even in today’s economy”, says Tom Halasy, co-founder of “The survey we carried out in October among our customers proved that small business restaurant owners, who are willing to step out of the status quo and dive into a bit of online marketing, can achieve considerable growth very quickly.”

The above can also be derived from numerous studies carried out by the National Restaurant Association, which have also shown the importance of online marketing for restaurants. For example, a recent study (b.) indicated that if a restaurant uses online marketing, over 60% of people will think it is a popular place to go, thereby instantly elevating the establishment’s brand image.

Despite this, most restaurant websites are still subpar, to the extent where people create websites just to make fun (c.) of restaurant sites. So why don’t more restaurants improve on their online presence?

Tom Halasy believes it is because many small business owners find it hard to acclimatize to marketing online. They are used to the traditional means of advertising, like placing coupons in local papers, but that is not enough in our online world. “Creating a modern website, and simple things like sending out email newsletters, having a semi-active Facebook page and encouraging online reviews from guests can do wonders to a restaurant’s bottom line. It’s easier than you would think.”

All research studies and empirical evidence show, that small business restaurants, be it a food truck or a local pasta house, can achieve growth through implementing an online strategy. With their contribution to GDP and the workforce, growth of the food-service provider industry would clearly benefit the overall economy as well.



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