Mind Movies and Positive Affirmations can Help Prevent Obesity, According to Law of Attraction Guru Natalie Ledwell

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Mind Movies Can Help Prevent Obesity, Even If It’s Your Genetic Destiny, According to Law of Attraction Guru and Mind Movies Co-Founder Natalie Ledwell. In a New Study, Scientists Now Believe That a Simple Formula Can Predict Obesity in Children.

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Have an affirmation that describes the goals you want to reach and have an affirmation about the actions you want to take like drinking water and exercise.

Law of Attraction tips, such as positive affirmations and creating Mind Movies, can help individuals shed habits that cause weight gain by replacing them with behaviors that lead to a healthier lifestyle. Some of these habits have been developed and reinforced since birth and can compound a genetic propensity towards obesity.

A simple assessment can now predict at birth a baby's likelihood of becoming obese during childhood, according to a 2012 study recently published in the scientific journal PLOS ONE. The formula, available as an online calculator, estimates the child's obesity risk based on his or her birth weight, the body mass index of the parents, the number of people in the household, the mother's professional status and whether she smoked during pregnancy.

The challenge is simple: “Once a young child becomes obese, it's difficult for them to lose weight, so prevention is the best strategy and it has to begin as early as possible," shares Philippe Froguel of Imperial College London, who led the research group.

Mind Movies co-founder Natalie Ledwell says that one is never too young or old to develop healthier habits to fight obesity and it’s tied to the science of the mind. Ledwell explains that much as a child might learn to brush his or her teeth, even when they don’t want to, because they associate not brushing with getting cavities, children, teens and adults can use positive affirmations to develop other positive behaviors, whether it is exercising regularly or eating healthier foods.

“Say you want to make sure you are drinking two liters of water a day or exercising 30 minutes a day. Then make sure you have a positive affirmation such as ‘I enjoy exercising’ or ‘I happily drink two liters of water a day.’ Once you get into routine of that, it becomes an unconscious part of your day,” shares Ledwell.

Ledwell suggests creating a Mind Movie to help achieve your health goals. “Have an affirmation that describes the goals you want to reach and have an affirmation about the actions you want to take like drinking water and exercising.” Then she suggests composing a picture or Mind Movie of what's it going to be like once you reach those goals to help you visualize.

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