Protect Your Bubble Shares Tips for Getting Sleep on a Plane this Winter Travel Season

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Gadget insurance brand helps consumers get rest while in transit this holiday.

Gadget insurance

Protect Your Bubble

Protect Your Bubble, travel protection brand, offers a list of tips to get some rest on those long flights and red-eyes.

As much as technology has made strides in many things, travel, particularly overseas travel, is still somewhat limited by the speed of the airplane. Granted, it is much easier to fly to Europe, Asia or other destination than 50 years ago, but some things about flying a long distance are still very difficult to overcome. Sleeping, for instance, on a particularly long flight is still difficult at best and almost impossible at worst. Protect Your Bubble, travel protection brand, offers a list of tips to get some rest on those long flights and red-eyes.

  • Don’t sleep before – Try and get as little rest as possible before flying, so exhaustion will eventually take over and rest will be possible. Jet lag is going to happen, so sleeping on the plane may be a bit easier if there is a need to sleep beforehand.
  • Bring iPod – Create a playlist of soothing music or relaxing white noise sounds to help rest while on a plane, or at very least help drown the noise of the snorer in the next row over.
  • Eye Mask – Depending on the time of the flight and direction of the same, there is a strong chance to be in the sun the entire time. If so, an eye mask will keep the annoying light in check while catching forty winks.
  • Earplugs – Ear plugs are inexpensive, disposable and priceless when there is a crying baby on the plane, a loud snoring individual or a loud chatter of conversation. Bring extra sets for those around who will no doubt appreciate the kind gesture of sharing.
  • Head pillow – Sold in specialty stores, this U-shaped pillow supports a neck while having to sleep in a vertical position and helps prevent or forestall a sore neck when waking.
  • Get a window seat – At least with a window seat, there is a place to perch against and get as comfortable as possible. Having a pillow and something to cancel the noise makes it much more comfortable.
  • Drink milk or chamomile tea – Milk has traces of tryptophan, the protein in turkey that makes people sleepy and chamomile tea is long known as a sleep-enhancer. Flight attendants are happy to bring hot water and milk should be available on the flight.
  • Dress comfortably – A plane trip of several hours is difficult enough, but wear clothes that will allow movement and a chance to relax. Save the business suits and such for the big meeting.
  • Avoid caffeine – This should go without saying, but if the day absolutely needs a cup of coffee, make it decaf at least this time. The body and brain will appreciate it in the long run.

When planning the next getaway, remember that vacation protection is a great way to cover trip emergencies, cancellations and interruptions. Protect Your Bubble travel protection gives travelers peace of mind, starting at $14 per trip. Visit for a quick quote.

About Protect Your Bubble
Protect Your Bubble is a specialty insurance brand, offering insurance for gadgets, pets and travel - all for today’s modern consumer.

  • Travel - Plans provide a variety of coverage for single and multi-trip options including cancellation, interruption, medical/dental, baggage, rental car and much more like 24/7 emergency services including, consult a doctor, roadside assistance, restaurant reservations and even set up tee times through their concierge services.
  • Gadget - Smartphone and tablet insurance covers loss, theft and water damage and consumers will receive a replacement device in 24 hours. Home gadget warranties provide coverage for mechanical breakdown and accidental damage for laptops, game consoles and cameras as well as mechanical breakdown for appliances, televisions, desktop computers, home theater systems and more.
  • Pet - Plans provide up to 90 percent reimbursement for covered vet charges for eligible accidents, illnesses, hereditary conditions and behavioral treatments and alternative therapies. They allow owners to visit any licensed vet in the country. Additionally, annual deductible options start at $100 which only need to be met once per plan year.

Headquartered in Atlanta, Protect Your Bubble is available online, via mobile app or phone, allowing consumers to understand, buy and, most importantly, protect what enriches their lives. Find Protect Your Bubble USA on Facebook or Twitter (@PYBUSA) or visit for more information or to get a two-minute quote today.

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