Dr. Jason Miller and Renewal Body Contouring patients are experiencing early, dramatic success with the newly FDA-Approved Cellulaze™ Cellulite Reduction Treatment.

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In January the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved a treatment that could transform the way women approach the problem of cellulite. Called Cellulaze™, Dr. Jason Miller and Renewal Body Contouring were one of the first centers in America to offer this advanced Cellulite Reduction treatment, and the initial results are exceeding patients' expectations.

“Long story short, I had Cellulaze™ a couple of weeks ago and can already tell an amazing difference.” Recalled one patient on the site RealSelf.com

In January the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved a treatment that could transform the way women approach the problem of cellulite.

The procedure, called Cellulaze™, was created by the specialty medical company Cynosure to treat the structure of cellulite and provide long-term results with one minimally invasive treatment.

Durham, N.C.-based cosmetic surgeon Dr. Jason Miller said Cellulaze™ has exceeded expectations since March, when the procedure was incorporated into his practice, Renewal Body Contouring.

Benefitting from years of surgical training with Duke University, Dr. Miller said the procedure provides an intuitive and more practical way to give his patients healthier, better-looking skin other treatments have not successfully delivered.

“As women age, physiological changes create greater opportunity for cellulite to form,” said Dr. Jason Miller. “These physiological changes include contraction of fibrous septae creating dimples, herniation of fatty blebs, and thinning of the skin.”

“We’ve studied cellulite for decades, and the technologies created by Cynosure are simply the best possible solution to the problem of cellulite. Cellulaze addresses the causes of cellulite, releasing the fibers that cause dimpling, melting the small fatty pockets that create mounds on the skin surface, and stimulating collagen production that, over time, thickens the skin.”

Performed under a local anesthesia, a small cannula – a narrow hollow tube the size of the tip of a pen – is inserted under the skin where controlled laser thermal energy is directed to the treatment zones.

To protect the delicate treatment areas, Cellulaze incorporates a unique ThermaGuideTM technology that allows the surgeon to accurately monitor skin temperature and maintain an even, controlled flow of laser energy.

Traditional cellulite treatments, such as mesotherapy, Thermage, Smooth Shapes and Velashape have widely been revered as the standard in cellulite treatment. Unimpressive long-term outcomes of some of these earlier procedures prodded development companies such as Cynosure to pursue better long-lasting treatments.

While the verdict on Cellulaze™ remains undecided among some physicians, a number of properly trained surgeons view the technology as a major breakthrough in treating a long-fought condition like cellulite.

“It’s virtually impossible to get these results with other treatments we’ve seen,” said Dr. Miller. “Essentially this procedure can give women a real hope of having the results they envision when considering this type of surgery. We have real reason to believe that one treatment will provide permanent results.”

Some patients already are seeing significant differences between Cellulaze™ and other cellulite treatments.

“After trying everything to get rid of lumpy cellulite on my thighs (and nothing worked) I found out about Cellulaze™ from the news and scheduled a consult to find out more about it,” recalled one patient on the site RealSelf.com. “Long story short, I had Cellulaze™ a couple of weeks ago and can already tell an amazing difference.”

According to Dr. Miller, Cellulaze™ is designed to provide, after one treatment, long-lasting results that will improve over the course of months and years.

Others remarked on the ease and painlessness of the procedure.

“Once [Dr. Miller] started the Cellulaze™ treatment, I was so surprised because there was no pain whatsoever. I could barely feel that anything was happening at all. I was chatting with the nurse during the treatment and before I knew it, we were all done.”

For more resources and to learn more about Cellulaze™ treatments and results, visit http://www.carolinacellulaze.com/

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