FDA Approved DNA Sports Performance Lab Now Offers Advanced Low Testosterone Level Testing and Administers Bio-Identical Testosterone Time Released Implant Therapy

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"Low Testosterone Hormone Levels is a Quite Epidemic in Both Men and Women, it Mirrors the Symptoms of Depression or Mental Illness and Should be Treated with Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Not Chemically Manufactured Products and Pharmaceuticals," says Dr. Chmielewski MD, of DNA Sports Performance Lab, Medical Facility.

"The most common deficiencies that I am finding in both men and women is low testosterone, it is becoming a quite epidemic in overall health and quality of life.”

Science and Medicine continue to evolve as the breakthrough power couple of all times. DNA Sports Performance Lab uniquely offers an individual Biomechanical Fitness Evaluation Center paralleled with a private medical facility, lead by the internationally respected Dr. Zbigniew Chmielewski, who is affectionately known as Dr.Tony. Dr. Chmielewski, is Board certified by the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and the American Board of International Medicine with active successes working with professional athletes and fitness professionals to optimize the genetic potential in all areas of human performance. “Advanced blood testing is the first and most important step in evaluating the body’s current physical and overall health condition to nurture and achieve full performance potential. The most common deficiencies that I am finding in both men and women is low testosterone, it is becoming a quite epidemic in overall health and quality of life”, says Dr. Chmielewski.

Testosterone (more commonly known as raging male sex hormones) is a steroid androgen hormone, produced naturally by the human body. Testosterone is also the genetic enforcing hormone responsible for hair growth, bone strength, muscle growth and function, energy, alertness and overall healthy wellbeing.

Testosterone levels are proven to reduce naturally with age, especially after the age of 30. Testosterone levels are also proven to drop significantly during and after abusing synthetically built testosterone based products that are oral and injected, as well as absorbed from cream. Underground studies show that 60% of overall male and female gym goers are using and in most cases abusing, anabolic steroids and/or HGH. These products are chemical substances and they are not bio-identical to the human body and the effects have provoked an aggravated general health concern from the medical staff at DNA Sports Performance Lab medical facility.

Testosterone level testing is not currently included in most general blood work, it must be specified or requested. As a result, low testosterone is often overlooked or the side effects are commonly assumed to be a mental health issue until the dramatic symptoms affect the intimacies of a person’s life. Other very common symptoms of low testosterone are vague and nonspecific such as, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, irritability, lack of energy, decreased strength, and low libido. “Testosterone replacement therapy is important and proven to be almost crucial. Anyone with these symptoms should be tested”, says Dr. Chmielewski.

DNA Sports Performance Lab now offers advanced treatment options for men and women in the form of sublingual bio-identical nutraceuticals or time released pellet implant therapy that is medically administered by Dr. Chmielewski.

DNA Sports Performance Lab offers personal and minimally invasive state-of-the-art blood spot at home mail-in test kit, eliminating the need to have blood painfully pulled by a Phlebotomist and a trip to the doctor’s office. This test is a custom specific, hormonal panel designed to closely monitor as well as fully diagnose your current free and total testosterone levels, including the often overlooked IGF-1 level. IGF-1, is a naturally occurring polypeptide protein hormone that is similar to insulin and primarily produced by the liver. IGF-1 plays an important role in stimulating growth during childhood and helps build and repair muscle tissue in adults.

For more information on DNA Sports Performance Lab, the products, or specifically testosterone replacement through pellet implant therapy, contact Debora Diaz at 305.397.8482. To learn more about DNA sports Performance Institute and Training Facility, visit online at: http://www.DNASportsLab.com

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