Retailer of Beds, Online Bed Quilt, Comments On A New Sleep-Disordered Breathing Study Cited in Science Daily

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Following an article published on Science Daily discussing a study that suggests dental problems are related to child sleep-disordered breathing, Online Bed Quilt offers an opinion on how purchasing a new mattress could help breathing issues.

On January 3, Online Bed Quilt responded to an article on Science Daily, which described a study in Finland that researched sleep-disordered breathing habits in children.

According to the Science Daily article, a new study developed in Finland researched the link between dental problems and sleep-disordered sleeping. The study researched the link between craniofacial morphology (face shape and jaw line) and breathing problems during sleep.

The study, published in the European Journal of Pediatrics, examined 512 Finnish children between the ages of six and eight. Researchers examined the children’s bodily health, including how well their top and bottom teeth fit together. Parents identified which children reported snoring or other sleep breathing problems.

Researchers found that the children, who were classified as overweight, did not necessarily have problems breathing during sleep. However, the children who reported have sleep-disordered breathing problems also had dental problems, such as cross bite or even enlarged tonsils. The study said children with enlarged tonsils had a 3.7 percent higher risk of suffering from sleep-disordered breathing. Children with a cross bite had 3.3 percent more of a chance of developing breathing disorders while sleeping.

Representative Justin Maas of Online Bed Quilt said the study makes a very important discovery. “Normally in adults, obesity and poor mattresses are shown to cause breathing disorders like sleep apnea and snoring,” Maas said. “However, this study shows that body fat and improper beds are not the problem for children. Dental problems could be the problem and it’s important to make sure children are getting treated for this. Breathing problems during sleep could be extremely dangerous!”

The study concluded that misshapen jaw lines and other dental issues could be linked to serious breathing pauses during sleep in children. The study suggested children get dental occlusion and tonsil examinations if they experience sleep-disordered breathing.

Though Maas agreed with the study, he also said a new mattress or pillow could also help ease sleep-disordered breathing problems.

“If your body is not laying properly on the bed while you sleep, it could disrupt your breathing,” Maas said. “Purchasing a new bed, which distributes weight evenly and allows you to sleep comfortably could prevent breathing problems.”

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