TenantScreeningUSA.com Announces Smart Move as New Tool to Help Small Property Managers Manage Their Tenant Screening

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TenantScreeningUSA.com knows that landlords and small property owners don't always have the tools available to larger property management companies. Introducing SmartMove® an easy and robust system that makes managing the tenant screening process a piece of cake.

Tenant Screening USA


Landlords and Property Managers using TenantScreeningUSA.com get a professional unbiased leasing decision with every tenant background check conducted.

TenantScreeningUSA.com has a new tool, SmartMove®, that will greatly assist landlords in the quest for the perfect tenant.

Finding the right tenant involves many steps and getting the right tenant is a challenge. There are financial considerations, as well as how well an individual or family might fit into a community.

Landlords themselves sometimes have a reputation, good or bad, regardless of whom they are and just for the job they have.

Recent op-ed pieces and regular articles do little to change a preconceived negative notion of a landlord.

A recent article posted to the Blackpool Gazette (Nov. 30, 2012) webpage landlords are exposed for nefarious antics and the actions city council takes to control behavior of landlords and their rental policies. http://www.blackpoolgazette.co.uk/news/business-news/local-business/we-all-pay-for-bad-landlords-1-5183329
In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy DNAInfo.com reports about a landlord using storm damage as a means to evict tenants.

The landlord of a Boerum Hill brownstone threatened to have tenants "blacklisted" as renters if they didn't pack their bags and move out after Hurricane Sandy damaged his building, a new lawsuit charges. http://www.dnainfo.com/new-york/20121127/boerum-hill/landlord-uses-hurricane-damage-attempt-evict-tenants-lawsuit-says
But for every negative mention of a landlord there are positives.

In Oakland, California (as reported on KALW.org) residents of a West Oakland neighborhood are buying up depressed housing, fixing them up, and renting back to other people from the neighborhood. These landlords have become positive role models and a big part of the economic recovery in this part of Oakland.

Eighty percent of West Oaklander’s rent. That means 80 percent of West Oakland is shut out from the benefits of rising home prices. Having involved, decent landlords is great. But in a different world, more West Oaklander’s would be landlords themselves. Then it wouldn’t just be a few property owners taking care of the street. It would be the whole street taking care of itself. http://www.kalw.org/post/west-oakland-landlords-invest-citys-most-dangerous-streets

Being a landlord is tough enough. Whether or not the reputation is good or bad, valid or otherwise, there will always be a preconceived notion about landlords.
SmartMove® is a program designed specifically for the small property landlord and takes the guess work out of making a leasing or rental decision. As SmartMove® takes the personal out of the tenant screening process and provides information in a neutral way.

Subsequently, a landlord may gain a better reputation by working with a neutral information source.

Adam Almeida, CEO and President of TenantScreeningUSA.com says:
As the laws surrounding background screening evolve it is wise to have a third party tenant screening company generate the leasing recommendation for you to avoid discrimination. Landlords and Property Managers using TenantScreeningUSA.com get a professional unbiased leasing decision with every tenant background check conducted.

TenantScreeningUSA.com has joined with TransUnion to provide a unique source of information for small property landlords. Detailed, personal information is shared directly between a potential tenant and TransUnion. A candidate’s consumer credit report is reviewed, criminal history reviewed, and, along with other reports, combined into a simple report that generates a leasing recommendation to the landlord in regards to candidates viability in being a solid tenant. Combined with a neutral interview, a small property landlord has a better chance of finding the right candidate for their property. Not only is the reputation of the landlord improved but the reputation of a property is enhanced. With each long-term tenant, that respects and cares for their property, the reputation of that property will be increased. If other respective candidates know a landlord makes neutral, but informed, unbiased decisions, the quality of long-term tenants should increase.

To conclude, SmartMove® is the perfect tool to assist Landlords and Property Managers in conducting fast, safe, and secure tenant background checks, and help find the perfect tenant.

For greater detail on SmartMove® and how to get started go to http://tenantscreeningusa.com/landlord-tenant-screening/

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