Wiccan Spells Online: PsychicTarot.us Puts the Power of Wicca to Benefit

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The new metaphysical services marketplace, PsychicTarot.us, has announced the creation of their online platform allowing users to tap into the power of Wiccan spell craft and practitioners to sell their services. Followers of Wicca can list their services for sale to the public and people interested in the benefits can shop amongst the listed gigs.

Sell Goddess Enchantments Online

The Wiccan community is vibrant and active, and we proudly invite them to join us...

The new age services community and marketplace, PsychicTarot.us, today announced the launch of a section dedicated to Wiccan spells. Users of the site can list their beneficial spells for sale to the public and earn money with their talents, while shoppers can compare and purchase from their favored practitioner. The website will allow buyers to request enchantments (white magic only) from real Wiccans to benefit their health, wealth, happiness and other areas of their life.

"The Wiccan community is vibrant and active, we are proud to create this opportunity for people to earn money, have fun, and connect with people interested in their talents," stated Irina Shayk, representative for PsychicTarot.us. "People can list their spells or rituals for $5 and up to $50, and are limited only by their creativity."

For those who aren't familiar with the Wiccan religion, Wikipedia defines it is as a modern interpretation of several ancient pagan religions. It is often referred to as witchcraft because the adherents of the religion believe in the casting of spells to change nature and people's behavior.

According to the site, Wicca is centered around the worship of the masculine and feminine aspects of nature as represented by the moon and the sun and personalized as the moon goddess and the horned man. There are many different branches of Wicca, though many of them have as one of their cores beliefs the ideal of "An ye harm none, do what thou wilt", which derives from an ancient pagan proverb.

In a recent New York Times witchcraft report detailing the success of a local Goddess shop, the belief system is quite popular and there is a demand for the spells. PsychicTarot.us intends to connect these business owners with a global market online.

"The popularity of movies that portray the occult over the past few years have really increased the number of people who are interested not only in Wicca, but in many aspects of metaphysical pursuits. Science in many ways is simply catching up to ancient wisdom," added Ms. Shayk.

PsychicTarot.us provides a few suggestions for people who join and wish to list their services:

  • Love spells
  • Prosperity spells
  • A spell for good luck
  • Spells for continued or improved health
  • Success spells

Starting as low as $5, prices are reasonable for someone new looking to dabble, while more in powerful services can be listed for as much as $50 to the public. Whether one believes or not in the power of a Wiccan enchantment, the new online marketplace is sure to be great fun for visitors and professionals alike.

About PsychicTarot.us:
An online marketplace designed to connect practitioners, the talented, and the sensitive with the public. To list a wiccan enchantment for sale takes less than 10 minutes, click here to join now: http://www.psychictarot.us/signup

To browse the user driven new age services available or join the community, click here now: http://www.psychictarot.us

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