Patients Putting the Lid on Pills and Relieving Pain Naturally

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Etavonni Products announces the product launch of FrozenPeaz Flexible Hot and Cold Therapy Wraps. A natural alternative to pharmaceutical pain relievers, revolutionary FrozenPeaz® hot and cold therapy wraps are challenging the status quo of traditional therapy options.

FrozenPeaz Large Joint PeazPod Wrap for knees, lower back, shoulder

Large Joint PeazPod™ Wrap. One of 6 body contoured compression wraps, the large joint wrap delivers 360° of cold comfort for your knee. And provides full coverage for low back and shoulder injuries.

My patients find that FrozenPeaz products deliver the cold without sacrificing comfort and experience a significant reduction in pain.
Dr. Terry Nicola, UIC

For too long, patients and injured people have been popping highly addictive prescription and over-the-counter medications to ease the pain of surgery, injury, or illness. Both opioid painkillers and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) can cause serious side effects, including addiction, bleeding, stomach ulcers, kidney and liver problems.

In recent years, there has been a significant focus on non-pharmaceutical pain relief. A recent report from Harvard Medical School explores alternatives to pills, including use natural remedies like hot and cold therapy for managing pain.

For decades, doctors have recommended using a bag of frozen vegetables to ease pain and reduce swelling. Enter patent pending FrozenPeaz® products, a breakthrough non-toxic hot/cold therapy pack that mimics the malleability of a bag of frozen vegetables.

"When I was recovering from an injury, I relied on frozen vegetables because they conformed so nicely to my body,” says MaryCarol Dolivier, co-founder of FrozenPeaz®. “But I got tired of leaky bags of peas and knew I had to find a better, less messy, but just as natural solution.”

Many other alternatives in the marketplace are made from petroleum and glycerin-based gels. In comparison FrozenPeaz products contain a 100% natural, plant-based solution. These revolutionary packs are now available to consumers in six different sizes and eliminate the messy inconvenience of ice packs.

Dr. Terry Nicola, Director of Sports Medicine Rehabilitation at the University of Illinois at Chicago has firsthand experience treating his patients and athletes with FrozenPeaz® products, "My patients find that FrozenPeaz products deliver the cold without sacrificing comfort and they experience a significant reduction in pain."

While cold therapy receives the most attention, doctors and sports trainers recommend hot therapy for sore muscles, stiff joints and increased circulation. "Don't let the name FrozenPeaz fool you," Co-founder Arthur Blackwood says. “From the beginning, we were committed to developing a solution that delivered both hot and cold therapeutic benefits."

Until now, FrozenPeaz® flexible hot and cold therapy products were only available through select physical therapists. Now FrozenPeaz are online and everyone from athletes to weekend warriors and arthritis sufferers to active seniors can enjoy a pill-free way of relieving pain and reducing swelling. FrozenPeaz® makes popping pills for pain relief a thing of the past.

Coping with pain? Give us your thoughts on popping pills versus hot and cold therapy for pain relief.

To purchase FrozenPeaz Hot and Cold Therapy Wraps or for more information, visit In addition to information about FrozenPeaz products, stay connected to FrozenPeaz® for articles and tips on healthy lifestyle and pill free pain relief.

ABOUT FrozenPeaz®
FrozenPeaz® patent pending products deliver flexible hot and cold therapy to relieve pain and assist in recovery from minor injuries or post-surgery rehabilitation. PeazPod™ therapy wraps maintain the healing temperature while maximizing comfort. The straps provide customizable compression while holding the wrap in place, enabling moderate physical activity and movement. PeazPod wraps are available in 6 different shapes to conform to various parts of the body. Just like frozen vegetables, PeazPak™ therapy packs are non-toxic. The plant-based Clear Ice™ Solution is a 100% natural alternative to petroleum and glycerin based gels. Relieve pain. Reduce swelling. Recover faster. FrozenPeaz®.

ABOUT Etavonni™ Products
FrozenPeaz® was developed by Etavonni™ Products. Etavonni, innovate spelled backwards, believes that wonderful things happen when you challenge your perspective. Leading by example. FrozenPeaz® is the product of an unfortunate trip down a long metal staircase. MaryCarol, a co-founder of Etavonni, spent weeks on the couch with more than one bag of frozen vegetables. She, like so many other entrepreneurs thought, “There has to be a better way”. Now there is. MaryCarol Dolivier and Arthur Blackwood founded Etavonni Products in 2011. Etavonni™ Products is a resource for entrepreneurs and imagineurs that believe they can build it better but need a little help.

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