Atlas Roofing & Exteriors Helps Homeowners when it comes to Dealing with Winter Weather Roofing Repairs in Columbus, Ohio

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Local area roofing contractor provides some tips on how to stay warm and dry after a weather event damages your roof

Columbus, OH roofs do not typically get the same pounding as our neighbors on the lake, but the 2012-2013 snow season has proven to be powerful and unpredictable. When homeowners and businesses are faced with weather damage to their roofs, they are often left scrambling trying to find a fast fix. Others will look at the issue before them and think that it is something that can wait until the warmer months. Neither of these positions is ideal. Roofing repairs in Columbus, OH should be made as quickly as possible. The accumulation of moisture and ice below shingles, around flashing, and within the interior layers of the roof and attic can prove to be disastrous if not handled quickly and properly.

Atlas Roofing in Columbus, OH has seen many residents and homeowners who have had a roof begin to leak due to ice and snow accumulation. It can be uncomfortable, to say the least. Damage to the roof can allow further water and wind damage as well as provide a way for pests to get into the home more easily. It can also lead toward a massive increase in heating cost, as heat is constantly escaping into the surrounding environment. There are few things that can be done by an individual without experience and training in roofing and roofing repairs to help ease this.

First, if the draft is noticed only in a certain room or area of the house, that section can be closed off from the rest of the home with thick plastic sheeting or even blankets. Typically, the sheeting will be stapled as well as taped in place to help create a seal. Blankets are little less effective, but better than nothing. The heavy duty plastic for weatherization can also be used on the exterior of the house in an effort to help separate the outside and inside environments. These are merely temporarily fixes, though.

Even as one continues to increase the heat on the thermostat, the house will always seem to be a little colder. It can wear out a heating unit faster as well as jump up the cost of heating. Whether using oil, gas, or electricity, this can be a severe jump, considering today’s energy costs. At the same time, the damaged area will continue to degrade rather than stay at the same level of ineffectiveness. So, the longer repairs are put off, the more expensive it is going to be.

Columbus, OH roofing contractors should have proper licensing from the state as well as proper insurance and bonding. Do not merely accept copies of these documents from a potential roofer. Instead, verify them with the originating offices. Also, be sure to check with the state Attorney General and Better Business Bureau to see if there have been reports regarding this company in the past. Check their references—both with homeowners whom they have worked with in the past and with existing business associates. Roof repairs are serious business, and homeowners should be completely assured that their roof is repaired or replaced with the very best materials and by the best craftsman; that they will not have to worry about this same problem rearing its ugly head in the near future.

About Atlas Roofing & Exteriors: Based in Columbus, OH roofing, siding, gutters, and windows are common tasks for Atlas Roofing & Exteriors. They were founded in 2003 by professional roofing and building contractors who were upset to see how homeowners were being treated by larger firms. They wanted to take things back to the way they used to be—the way they should be—and treat customers with the utmost respect and care, putting the effort and time in as if they were working on a loved one’s home. Since then, they have earned a strong reputation for providing quality, reliable, and affordable services.

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