The 90 Day SAT Prescription Finally Released

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After months of anticipation, famed New York SAT tutor Anthony-James Green has launched his new self-study program, The 90 Day SAT Prescription. The program promises users a multi-hundred point increase in 90 days or less, and can be used without tutoring or classes, at

Study for the SAT by Yourself

The 90 Day SAT Prescription, The New SAT Self-Study Program from Anthony-James Green

My goal for 2013 isn't small - I want to change the way the entire country preps for the SAT, and I'll be able to do it with this program.

Students looking to study for the SAT have a new resource at their disposal. After months of development, famed New York City SAT tutor Anthony-James Green has released his new self-study program, The 90 Day SAT Prescription.

Green, whose average student's score improves by nearly 400 points on average, has been perfecting the program for years. After the success of his personal tutoring practice effectively took Green off the market, he decided to create a way to teach his methods to more students than he's able to reach on his own 1-on-1.

"I love working with my SAT clients," says Green, "but the scale is just far too limited. To truly devote myself to clients, I can only see about 40 per year. However, I have over 25,000 email subscribers, and thousands of people visit my site every month looking for help. I needed a way to assist more people without sacrificing the quality of my instruction - the 90 Day SAT Prescription is my solution to the problem."

The 90 Day SAT Prescription is the first SAT program ever which actually forces students to teach themselves the SAT, using the exact methods which Green uses with his own clients to achieve such remarkable results. The program comes with a bold guarantee: if users don't improve their scores by hundreds of points, AND if they don't feel that The 90 Day SAT Prescription is the best possible option they could have chosen for SAT prep, they can simple e-mail Green for a 100%, money-back refund.

Interested parents and students can learn more about the program, as well as sign up for free guides, downloads, and more, here:

"There are two big problems with most of the SAT products currently on the market," says Green. "The first is this: they're full of great facts, strategies, and tips, but they don't give students a plan which they can use to improve their SAT scores. They're a lot like dictionaries - fantastic resources, but you can't learn the English language by reading a dictionary front to back. If students don't know what to learn, when, and why, they'll never gain the proper understanding of the SAT that they need to really improve their scores."

The 90 Day SAT Prescription is set up to counteract this problem. Every day, students log into the online database where their copy of The Prescription is stored. When they log in, they'll receive an exact set of tasks for that particular day. Green has set these tasks in a precisely-selected order to maximize SAT score improvement by building up students' previous knowledge and then amplifying it with future lessons.

"Students can't learn anything unless they can fit the new knowledge they're receiving in with the knowledge they already possess. My program is sequenced to figure out exactly what each student already knows about the SAT, then provide new information at the right speed and in the right order to add to the student's foundation, rather than trying to build understanding on top of no foundation whatsoever."

"The second problem with most SAT study options is their expense. These programs cost thousands of dollars, and good one-on-one tutors such as myself can cost tens of thousands. Because of the dizzying array of options out there, it's tough for parents to pick the right choice for their children, and they're taking a massive risk no matter what they choose."

Green is offering his SAT Prescription for only $379.95, a price which he says "is less expensive than everything but the textbooks you'll find at Barnes and Noble." This price comes with a money-back guarantee, and, more importantly, a time guarantee.

"The program only takes 90 days of work to complete. It's quick. Students need to get this test out of the way so they can focus on the thousands of other issues they need to attend to in order to get into the nation's best colleges."

Students and parents can see a free video presentation on "The 5 Things Admissions Officers DON'T Want You to Know," and learn more about the prescription, here:

Anthony-James Green is the founder of Test Prep Authority and author of four books on the subject of the SAT and Test Prep. He's the creator of Every College Question Answered, founder of, and has been called "New York City's Best SAT Tutor." He has tutored over 320 students around the world, with an average score improvement of nearly 400 points.

Green lives in downtown Manhattan, where he works on SAT prep literature and programs full-time when not working with his 1-on-1 students.


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