Wearable Nighttime Biofeedback Brings New Hope for TMJ Disorder Sufferers Without Drugs - Holistic Technologies Clinical Trial

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Clinical trial shows nighttime biofeedback eliminates TMJ disorder problems for majority of TMJ by reducing or eliminating nighttime teeth grinding and clenching. While many consumers find mouth guards don't reduce clenching and TMJ pain, the biofeedback headband helps people get out of pain by kicking the addictive habit of clenching in sleep.

Woman reducing teeth grinding using biofeedback headband in sleep

Nighttime biofeedback helps eliminate TMJ pain by reducing nighttime clenching.

Nighttime biofeedback helps the majority of people to reduce or eliminate the addictive clenching habit that is causing painful TMJ disorder symptoms in the first place.

Holistic Technologies released clinical trial results January 1, 2013, showing nighttime biofeedback using the SleepGuard biofeedback headband enables the majority of TMJ sufferers to reduce their nighttime teeth grinding and clenching by more than 60% within a few days, and by more than 80% within a month. This is a vastly superior reduction in clenching than mouth guards and splints provide. The majority of people in the trial reported substantial reduction in TMJ-related pain and problems, including jaw pain, facial pain, temporomandibular joint pain, tooth pain, loose teeth, neck pain,migraines, and headaches.

“Mouth guards and splints are designed to prevent enamel loss and to correct occlusal misalignment often caused by clenching”, says Lee Weinstein, CEO of Holistic Technologies and inventor of the biofeedback headband, “whereas Nighttime biofeedback helps the majority of people to reduce or eliminate the addictive clenching habit that is causing painful TMJ disorder symptoms in the first place.”

While several previous research studies (referenced in Holistic Technologies’ clinical trial report) have shown nighttime biofeedback using table-top biofeedback machines can be effective in significantly reducing nighttime teeth clenching and grinding, such use of table-top machines required people to be wired to the machine by a wiring harness adhesively attached to facial muscles. This type of treatment was limited primarily to sleep labs, and not practical as a long-term use at home. The SleepGuard biofeedback headband eliminates this limitation and makes long-term nighttime biofeedback available at less than the cost of a typical prescription mouth guard.

In biofeedback mode, the headband makes a sound against the forehead when clenching is detected. Users do a few minutes of daytime practice to develop the habit of relaxing jaw and facial muscles when they hear the sound. This trained response carries over into sleep, allowing people to relax without waking up, as soon as the quiet part of the sound is heard in sleep. "This empowers people to eliminate suffering without endless visits to healthcare professionals, and without drugs", says Weinstein.

The SleepGuard biofeedback headband detects teeth grinding and clenching by sensing microvolt EMG signals given off by the temporalis muscles during clenching and grinding. The headband can be used either in diagnostic (silent) mode or in audio biofeedback mode. In both modes the headband counts clenching incidents and tracks accumulated teeth grinding and clenching time through the night.

Diagnostic mode allows quantifying the severity of a person’s initial nighttime clenching habit, and allows clinicians and consumers to measure whether a mouth guard or drug increases or decreases a person’s nighttime clenching.

Rental units are available for consumers who want to evaluate the severity of their nighttime teeth grinding and clenching, or who want to see if a particular mouth guard or splint increases or reduces their nighttime clenching habit.

Holistic Technologies allows people to try nighttime biofeedback for three weeks without charge before paying for the SleepGuard biofeedback headband. “We feel it is unfair that almost all other TMJ treatments don’t even have money-back guarantees”, says Weinstein. “We feel no TMJ treatment should have to be paid for unless it works for the person paying for it.”

Interviews with teeth grinding & migraine clinical trial participants can be arranged for members of the press, and Holistic technologies makes raw clinical trial data available to university researchers.

Holistic Technologies LLC has been providing nighttime biofeedback relief to thousands of bruxism sufferers since 2007. The company website is http://StopGrinding.com. News and new information regarding the SleepGuard biofeedback headband may be received automatically through the SleepGuard news RSS feed .
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