Dr. Lucas T. Reinhart, PhD, Leading Anti-Aging Research Scientist, Announces Release of PhytoStem, His Long Explored Proprietary Solution to Cellular Aging

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After watching his father's health decline with age, Dr. Reinhart has successfully created PhytoStem, the most effective anti-aging cellular rejuvenation product currently available.

For Immediate Release

Dr. Lucas T. Reinhart, Creator and Chief Formulator at PhytoStem Laboratories, is proud to present his flagship creation, PhytoStem, as the new standard in anti-aging solutions. Due to rising manufacturing costs, some well-known manufacturers are cutting corners by using dry extract fillers, useless syrup or minute amounts of ingredients. This means their formulas are not clinically proven to work and are not bio-available, so they quickly exit your body through your urine. Phytostem, on the other hand, is an all-natural, over the counter pill that contains no fillers and will start rejuvenating organs at the cellular level within 72 hours.

Phytostem contains concentrated amounts of 80 essential active elements, including acid fats, amino acids, and phenols, as well as 40 potent antioxidants, minerals and vitamins D, E, K, and Coenzyme Q10. PhytoStem is also set apart because it is a liquid capsule, not a gel cap. Clinical analysis has shown that 99% of active elements are absorbed by your body when taken in liquid form, opposed to only 49% absorption rate for a gel cap. This means PhytoStem's clinically proven blend of active elements is bio-available to your cells and organs almost immediately, allowing for faster and more efficient absorption throughout the gastrointestinal tract.

With one pill a day PhytoStem will safeguard the patients’ cells from debilitating free radicals that cause health problems, and will also boost cellular renewal. PhytoStem also actively supercharges the rejuvenation of the kidneys, lungs, heart, intestines, liver, brain and sexual organs. The University of Navarra Medical School in Spain summarized its research findings by saying, “PhytoStem is the anti-aging breakthrough that anyone of any age can benefit from. Like a sponge quickly absorbs water so will organs absorb the much needed nutrients from PhytoStem that is depleted by modern day living, diet and toxic drugs!” PhytoStem rebuilds every cell in the body so users grow young and healthy from the inside out.


About PhytoStem:
PhytoStem is a 100% natural, bio-engineered time-release liquid capsule containing a concentrated dose of nutrients which trigger rapid cellular growth and regeneration within the entire body. PhytoStem’s proprietary formula contains 80 essential active elements including acid fats, amino acids and phenols, as well as 40 potent antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins D, E, K including Coenzyme Q10. When taken once daily, PhytoStem rejuvenates the body at a cellular level, triggering functional improvements such as joint repair, improved memory and cognition, increased libido, reduction of inflammation, improved digestion, deeper sleep, toxin elimination and increased cardiovascular health, just to name a few. Visit http://www.phytostemcaps.com for medical reports and patient testimonials.

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