Keeping the Lights on through the New Year: Mr. Electric of Greater Portland, ME Discusses the Importance of Working with a Commercial Electrician in Maine in 2013

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A brief outline of how to keep electrical bills low and employees and customers safe all year long.

Mr. Electric of Great Portland is a licensed electrical contractor in Portland, ME, serving both the metro area and the surrounding area. Last year proved to be a successful year for the company and the upcoming year is looking even brighter. While many builders, plumbers, and electricians in Portland, Maine have succumbed to the previous years’ uncertain and even toxic economic environment, Mr. Electric has continued to grow. This is a testament to the quality of service provided to their residential and commercial customers, allowing the firm to stay strong through the years. Electricity is responsible for so much of our lives today, individuals and businesses will always need a trained, experienced, and reliable electrician.

As many are looking toward the New Year and what lies ahead, Mr. Electric wants everyone to start off on the right foot and carry through with that great start. As a commercial electrician in Portland, ME, it is not uncommon for Mr. Electric to see business owners and managers get caught up in running their business, which is expected. However, small things can be overlooked or necessary repairs can be put off until down the road. When it comes to the electrical service in a business, though, keeping a keen eye on things and addressing issues sooner rather than later is the way to go.

A tripped breaker happens from time to time. This is usually a sign of a surge or a buildup of heat on the circuit, where the breaker trips in an effort to shut off current. If it happens after adding something new to the circuit, the issue could be that the new equipment is not designed to work on that available current or that these is a short within the equipment. If a breaker trips repeatedly, it could be a more serious issue indicating a short. An electrical short on a building circuit can be quite important. It could lead to a buildup of heat or even arcing, which could cause an electrical fire.

Light switches or electrical sockets that feel warm to the torch indicate a buildup of excess electrical current behind the plate. This could be another sign of a short and should not be ignored. With power outlets that stop providing electrical power, something is interrupting the flow, which could mean a damaged wire, which could lead toward a dangerous situation as well.

In the event of lights flickering or dimming, or an inconsistent flow of power to other equipment, it could mean that too many things are drawing power from the same circuit. This would indicate the need to possibly rearrange equipment within the office or upgrade electrical service, which a commercial electrician in Portland, ME can assist with.

While shorts on a circuit can be dangerous, it is also indicative of an inefficient use of electricity. This could lead to increased electrical bills. It is important to keep an eye on electrical bills from month to month and see if there is an increase. If there is an excessive draw of power in a month, and there is no reason as to why, it is helpful to have an electrical contractor check out the wiring in the business.

Another thing business owners and managers can look toward when it comes to keep their energy costs low is doing away with phantom energy. For electrical devices that are left plugged up, even if they are not on, there is still an energy draw. Some escapes between the power outlet and the plug. Other phantom energy is used to power on indicator lights and clocks. While it might not be prudent to unplug everything at the end of a business day, it may be possible to shut off breakers, unplug certain power strips or surge protectors, and some businesses will also invest in surge devices that are designed to cut off the flow of energy without repeatedly plugging and unplugging devices, which a commercial electrical contractor in Portland, ME can offer advice on.

About Mr. Electric of Greater Portland: Serving as a residential and commercial electrician in Portland, ME, Mr. Electric also offers services in the surrounding area including installing to appliance, troubleshooting wiring, and more.

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