Fountain Valley, CA Prosthodontist, Dr. Robert Mokbel, Now Makes Dental Implants Possible for Patients with Deteriorating Jaw Bones Through Bone Grafting Procedures

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Dr. Robert Mokbel is a dentist that utilizes bone grafting procedures to replace bone that is missing or has deteriorated due to missing teeth. The bone grafting procedure is designed to replace that bone and allow it to integrate with the existing bone so that dental implants can be installed.

Dr. Robert Mokbel is a prosthodontist in Fountain Valley, CA

Dr. Robert Mokbel Offers Bone Graft Procedures For Patients Lacking The Jaw Support For Dental Implants.

Robert Mokbel, D.D.S., now performs bone grafting surgery for patients whose jawbones have deteriorated due to tooth loss. As a dentist that has seen his share of missing teeth, Dr. Mokbel knows that the jawbone will begin to deteriorate as soon as teeth go missing. If nothing is done to replace the missing teeth, the bone will continue to dissolve away until there is not much left to it. A patient that wants to have dental implants installed to replace the missing teeth may then require a bone grafting procedure in order to have sufficient bone for the implant.

There are three different types of bone grafts that are generally used. The xenograft uses a non-human outside source of bone material, often from a cow. The Allograft is material from a bone bank that was donated from human cadavers. These two types of material have been screened carefully for both safety and viability. A dentist will often use one of these outside sources to make sure there is enough bone tissue available for their needs.

The autogenous grafts use the patient's own bone tissue taken from their body. This type of graft aids in reducing the risk of such things as infection and rejection, but does require a second surgery to be done in conjunction with the bone graft. Whichever type of material is used, it is placed in the needed area and then allowed to heal.

The bone graft should heal completely before implants are installed, and this can take about six to nine months. After that time, surgery to install the implant can be scheduled and the missing teeth can be replaced. The implants will fuse with the bone and stimulate it to regenerate, just like the natural teeth did. More information can be found at

Robert Mokbel, DDS is a prosthodontist offering patients personalized laser and implant dentistry for Fountain Valley, CA for over 28 years. Dr. Mokbel received his Prosthodontic degree in Paris, France where he did four years of research in prosthetics and in occlusion and attended Periodontal courses, He then arrived at USC where he taught prosthetics since 1983. He is part of one percent of dental professionals providing the most recent FDA cleared laser procedure for gum disease and periodontal treatment. To learn more about Robert Mokbel, DDS and his services visit his website at

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