New California Renters Rights Site Offers Help to Tenants Statewide

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Site delivers advice and tips to help the more than 6 million California renters.

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The site offers a quick resource for California Renters to learn about their rights.

California renters now have a new renters rights site which was recently launched to help the 6 million plus renters or tenants that reside in California. This site, was built to help renters and tenants know what their rights are and what they can do or where they can go for help. This site does not offer legal advice but gives advice and tips on what renters should know regarding their rights. Renting is such a big responsibility for both the renter and the landlord and so this site bridges the gap between the two so that renting is a much better experience. The purpose of this website is to provide knowledge to help tenants solve rent problems.

With new renters entering the renting scene each day, it is important that they know that there are places to go to find answers to the questions they may have regarding issues that may arise. For those that have been renting for many years, this site wants to make them aware of rights they may not have realized that they have. There are times when renters approach their landlords about repairs, they are told it is not their responsibility probably because the landlord doesn’t want to deal with it or have the cost involved with the issue. The truth is that sometimes the landlord doesn’t even know it is his responsibility and that is why he responds the way he does. This is where it is important that the renter or tenant is able to search out and find answers to their problems so that the landlord and renter can work together for a good renting experience.

There are many issues that arise that renters aren’t aware that are a violation of their rights. This site addresses issues such as, what they need to do to get their security deposit returned, what can be withheld from their security deposit and what things cannot be withheld. How to deal with noisy neighbors and what their options might be in getting peace back in their lives. Renters often deal with when and why a landlord or his representative can come into their rental and what to do if it is turning into a privacy issue. There are times that a renter may want or need to break a lease and so this is discussed as to when and how breaking a lease may or may not be possible.    Renters that have problems with mold or bed bugs will find articles on these too.

So often renters live in places that are not safe to live in or they are afraid to ask their landlord to fix things. The purpose of this site to help renters understand how they can work with their landlord and if that doesn’t work that there are other options out there for them. It is important that they understand what they don’t have to live with and that there are options to get things resolved in a non threatening manner and in a timely manner.

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