CES 2013: Innovega Demonstrates Wearable Transparent HUD

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Innovega Advances Progress of Panoramic Augmented Reality (AR)* Eyewear

Innovega Inc., a developer of compact wearable HUD displays, announced today that it will demonstrate a prototype of its transparent mega-pixel eyewear at its booth at CES 2013.

Innovega Inc., a developer of compact wearable HUD displays, announced today that it will demonstrate a prototype of its transparent mega-pixel eyewear at its booth at CES 2013. Steve Willey, Innovega CEO, explains that, “during the CES 2012 event we presented a contact lens-enabled wearable display architecture designed to deliver an unprecedented combination of display performance and attractive styling. We fully described the system and its key components but did not demonstrate a functioning display. From January 8th to 11th, Innovega will demonstrate eyewear that offers a clear and simultaneous view of a wearer’s rich media and of their immediate surroundings”. Innovega will be exhibiting at the 2013 International CES event from Booth # 75308 on level 3 of the Venetian Hotel.

The Innovega iOptik™ video eyewear is transparent and its ‘virtual canvas’ on which digital content is placed, is the largest anticipated in the industry. Compared to a conventional 42 inch flat-panel television that consumers buy for their living rooms, Innovega’s mobile eyewear accessory will deliver the equivalent of a 240 inch, HD, 3D experience.

Innovega was founded to solve a problem that is frustrating consumers: The quality of digital media accessible by mobile devices is now exceeding the performance of conventional mobile displays. Consumers prefer big displays and are purchasing ever-larger flat-panel televisions and monitors. With the proliferation of rich, mobile media, tablets that use larger screens than conventional smartphones are suddenly an established product category. These trends support the strong belief that ‘display size’ is a key driver of user experience and engagement. With the recent proliferation of HD, 3D, and Augmented Reality (AR) media, small ‘direct-view’ mobile screens are a ‘bottleneck’ to access of information and entertainment.

Willey added, “The display industry is working to fill this product gap by supplying head-worn, ‘virtual image’, glance-able displays. While these solutions are exciting, the small size of glance-able displays may fail to satisfy consumers’ desire for a truly high-performance, mobile display accessory. Innovega will provide to its strategic partners a 2nd generation, compact eyewear platform which fully deliver high performance media overlaid onto the wearers’ surroundings.

By eliminating the usual magnifying optics from the eyewear and integrating them into a nano-tech contact lens, Innovega designers have been able to deliver high-performance imagery from compact and stylish eyewear. The Innovega eyewear system is thus comprised of two elements: 1) micro-projectors or flat-panels that are integrated into eyewear and provide a media gateway, and 2) novel iOptik contact lenses that deliver a crisp view of both near-eye rich media and of the environment. The lenses are based on modern fabrication methods and can be worn in the usual fashion with or without the Innovega eyewear. When the eyewear is worn, any accessible media is instantly available and is overlaid onto or blended with the environment. An interesting benefit of the iOptik lenses is that they include the wearer’s prescription and therefore improve their normal view of their real-world surroundings.

Early adopters may be those with the lowest switching costs - more than one hundred million global consumers who already wear and enjoy contact lenses (as do more than 20% of North American 18 to 34 year-old consumers who already drive demand for mobile and other media devices). Once the unique benefit of iOptik is realized, other market segments will quickly form.

Innovega designers and partners considered the future of personal media, social networking, and mobile computing, and converged upon an aggressive design-point that not only meets today’s needs but also the demands of future, immersive 3D gaming and video, and of emerging high-performance AR which requires a see-through and panoramic wearable display interface. By providing a transparent, fashionable, and comfortable interface that is consistent with today’s active lifestyles, the iOptik architecture will eliminate the social barrier that traditional opaque eyewear might create. Innovega believes that its new personal display interface will become an essential social media and entertainment accessory.

  • Augmented Reality (AR) - Definition from “Wikipedia”: Augmented reality (AR) is a live, direct or indirect, view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are augmented by computer generated sensory input such as sound, video, graphics or GPS data.

About Innovega Inc.
Innovega provides components, core technology and reference designs that enable its customers to develop new generations of personal media eyewear. Its novel iOptikTM architecture improves comfort and styling by eliminating bulky and heavy focusing optics from the eyewear. The use of a modern soft contact lens yields a panoramic field of view. The eyewear display is transparent and therefore eliminates the social barrier that traditional wearable displays create. Innovega maintains offices in Seattle, WA. and in San Diego, CA.
Source: Innovega Inc. Contact: Steve Willey (425) 516-8175        http://www.innovega-inc.com

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