Cowboy Bail Bonds Awarded 2012 Dallas Award

Cowboy Bail Bonds has led the bails bond market with clear foresight and direction in its 16 years of service and is proud to have been selected for the 2012 Dallas Award.

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Cowboy Bail Bonds 2012 Award

Cowboy Bail Bonds 2012 Award

Our job is to be caring and understanding and to make the process as painless and inexpensive as we possibly can.

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) January 25, 2013

Cowboy Bail Bonds has led the bails bond market with clear foresight and direction in its 16 years of service and is proud to have been selected for the 2012 Dallas Award. Cowboy Bail Bonds President, Mr. Buckley Chappell underlines the service and direction of his staff as simply the performance of one job - to provide personalized professional help to those individuals who need it.

From his personal experience, Mr. Chappell knows that in many cases, clients may have to spend money that they don't immediately have or take unexpected time away from jobs and family under unusual circumstances. "Our job is to be caring and understanding," he says, "and to make the process as painless and inexpensive as we possibly can."

With the ability to post bonds in literally every county in Dallas and the entire state of Texas, Cowboy Bail Bonds has a network of agents that allows them to help those in need throughout the country. The agency is a family-owned business and from its center of three offices in Dallas, Garland and Irving, it reaches out as one family to help another family in need.

The Dallas Award recognizes those local businesses that have demonstrated long-term value and have sustained an identifiable market presence while delivering exceptional services to the community. Cowboy Bail Bonds has received the 2012 Award in Bail Bond services because it has consistently stayed on top of the market with a record of excellent performance and achievement.

Cowboy Bail Bonds offers the same services in Dallas County as it offers in the state's other counties and throughout the nation. "It's about helping people," says Chappell. By providing its clients with assured roadmaps on how to stay out of trouble, the company stands on its compassion and the professional guidance it has given over the years to help families and individuals get their lives together.

When a client comes in to request a bond, Cowboy Bail Bonds obtains the relevant background information, including an understanding of the relationship of the client with the person in jail. The fee is discussed as part of the full amount of the bond. In some instances, the company has helped clients with a short term loan that has provided needed time for families and individuals to collect the funds while releasing the defendant the jail.

The real difference comes down to the incredible personal service being offered by Cowboy Bail Bonds. With an average of 40,000 calls a month, it’s no surprise that they have a stunning record of getting their clients to appear in court in over 99% of the cases. In these difficult and troubling times it is a breath of fresh air to encounter a business that truly cares. Navigating the court system can be a daunting task and having Cowboy Bail Bonds as your liaison between yourself and the court system is a true blessing. Each court appearance is preceded by an average of 10 phone calls, making sure that everyone involved is informed and up to date about what is going on. This is the true secret behind the success.

Ray Jackson a managing partner of Jackson Law Firm describes Buckley Chappell and Cowboy Bail Bonds with one word, "integrity." As a lawyer handling hundreds of clients, he regards Mr. Chappell's services as "honest and decent." He has never had a client who has come back from Cowboy Bail Bonds unsatisfied.

Mark Robinius a lawyer with Robinius, Sutton and Harper, L.L.P., points out the exemplary customer service that Cowboy Bail Bonds has provided his clients. Mr. Robinius says that Cowboy Bail Bonds brings credibility and professionalism to an industry that in his opinion, "has been lacking" in those qualities. It is for helping people and delivering credibility with professionalism that Cowboy Bail Bonds received the 2012 Dallas Award Bail Bond Achievement.

Cowboy Bail Bonds is a licensed Bail Bondsman in Dallas, Texas with locations in Downtown Dallas, Garland and Irving. The company offers 24/7 bail bond services nationwide. If you or a loved one needs help, do not hesitate to call the closest location. Call Cowboy Bail Bonds today at 214-716-5029 in Dallas, 972-696-0061 in Garland and 972-696-0089 in Irving. Let our family help your family!


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