Online Bed Quilt, Expert of Mattresses, Comments On Severity of Misdiagnosing Sleep Disorders Reported in the Vancouver Sun

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Following an article published by the Vancouver Sun, which chronicles a girl’s developmental issues due to a misdiagnosis of a sleep disorder, Online Bed Quilt encourages families to test mattresses along with testing for sleep disorders.

On January 7, Online Bed Quilt responded to an article posted by the [Vancouver Sun detailing a toddler’s severe developmental disability due to a misdiagnosis of a sleep disorder.

According to the article published by the Vancouver Sun, Emmy Graham was born with a sleep disorder called restless leg syndrome, which is most commonly found in adults. Because it’s so uncommon for children, most doctors don’t even consider it.

As an infant, the article said Emmy would only sleep eight hours a day, but not straight through. She slept only a few hours at a time, while most infants sleep half of the day. Due to this, Emmy suffered serious developmental problems and at 5 years old, she couldn’t even hold a pencil. Doctors diagnosed her with ADHD, an attachment and anxiety disorder and a developmental co-ordination disorder.

But finally a Vancouver pediatrician with an expert in sleep problems, Dr. Osman Ipsiroglu, recognized Emmy’s problem as being a sleep disorder. He said that Emmy had restless leg syndrome.

“We believe that there is a tremendous overlap with ADHD,” Ipsiroglu said in the article. “If you don’t sleep well, you will have some behavioral issues the next day. You will be grumpy, you will less tolerant, possibly, and this is what happens with the kids. If they have chronic sleep deprivation, they may have an ADHD-like presentation.”

Online Bed Quilt representative Justin Maas said sleep disorders are extremely severe, but often overlooked. “Think about it, as an adult, you spend nearly a third of your life sleeping,” he said. “Children spend even more time sleeping. If a child can’t sleep, its body cannot grow and the brain cannot develop. Therefore, the child becomes cranky. It makes sense that doctors would consider this ADHD, but it would definitely be more beneficial to all if pediatricians were also trained in diagnosing sleep disorders. Adults are obviously not the only ones susceptible to sleep disorders.”

Maas also said while treatment for such issues are necessary, [mattresses should also be tested. “Everyone’s body is different,” Maas said. “As a parent, you need to consider what mattress would be best for your child and even have them test it out. What you may deem comfortable, your child may not. Having a proper mattress can improve your child’s sleep and it may even help minimize symptoms of their sleep disorder.”

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