Mattress Store, Online Bed Quilt, Offers Solution to Harmful Chemicals Found in Beds Cited On Care 2 Make A Difference

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A new Care 2 Make A Difference article discussed how harmful chemicals used to protect beds from fire sometimes lead to illness. Mattress store Online Bed Quilt suggests using organic materials instead.

On January 8, Online Bed Quilt responded to an article on Care 2 Make A Difference, which revealed that many mattresses have protective coatings made my harsh chemicals that can cause health problems.

According to the article published by [Care 2 Make A Difference, all mattresses made and sold in the U.S. have to pass certain federal standards in terms of flammability. The federal government was concerned about people falling asleep while smoking and causing serious house fires. Now, all mattresses have to be flame-retardant.

“Way back when, the government was afraid of many unnecessary deaths and house fires caused by people falling asleep while smoking cigarettes,” said Justin Mass, representative of leading mattress store Online Bed Quilt. “Therefore, most mattresses have a coating on them to repel flames. However, I do understand a lot of those chemicals can be harmful to your health.”

The article said some of these chemicals include chlorinated Tris and polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDE), popular flame retardants. Chlorinated Tris is a cancer-causing chemical that was actually banned from children’s clothing in 1977. A study done by the Mom’s Clean Air Force Organization actually found that this chemical is used as a flame retardant in most furniture and has been named extremely hazardous by the World Health Organization, National Cancer Institute, National Research Council and the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Most mattresses, especially memory foam mattresses, emit toxic gases like isocynate, the article said. Isocynate exposure can cause headaches and respiratory irritation.

“With information like this coming out, companies should try to make bed products with all natural materials,” Maas said. “There needs to more production of organic bed products and more help from the government to loosen the regulations. We need to find healthier flame retardant substances. No one wants to smell chemicals when they are trying to fall asleep or develop illnesses from sleeping on a toxic mattress.”

Maas also said there are mattress covers than can prevent the chemicals from being breathed in. “Organic mattresses tend to be expensive, but there are always protective mattress covers that cannot be penetrated by toxins,” he said. “Even if you can’t afford an all-natural mattress, you might be able to afford a simple cover to protect yourself from being exposed to harmful chemicals.”

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