Austin Nutritionist: Nutritional New Year's Resolutions from Medicine in Motion

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The Austin Nutritionist and Austin Sports Medicine Doctors at Medicine in Motion Offer Helpful Resolutions for a Healthier New Year

The New Year has arrived, and for many it’s a time for making plans for a better future. Resolutions are a great way to put new focus on improving one's self in a variety of ways. Health, weight and general wellness are topics that most people focus on when making resolutions. For those who struggle with these issues or those who want to make subtle improvements, the Austin nutritionist and Austin sports medicine doctors at Medicine in Motion have a few suggestions to add to the resolutions list.

1. Get a clean start. Are there Christmas cookies or fruitcake lingering around house? Get rid of them. Take them to work, share them with friends or just simply throw them away. No one likes to waste, but these are not good calories or healthy foods. Get the pantry in order for a new year and a new life.

2. Eat more vegetables. Everyone's mom said it, and so does the nutritionist – eat vegetables. Dark leafy greens and brightly colored vegetables are packed with what everyone needs: antioxidants, B vitamins, zinc, calcium, magnesium, and so much more. The body will be thankful for the change.

3. Pack lunches. Eating out every day for lunch isn’t just financially costly, it can weigh heavily on calorie counts. When making one's own lunch, a person is thinking ahead and making a conscious decision to choose healthy meal options. And because there's a savings in time from not having to order and wait for the lunch meal at a restaurant, there's time for a quick walk around the block too.

4. Avoid refined sugar. White, refined sugar is addictive. Not only can said addiction lead people to make bad food choices, but this sugar actually weakens the immune system by stealing your white blood cells’ ability to destroy bacteria.

5. Eliminate processed foods. This may sound challenging and will certainly require a little planning and effort, but those seemingly innocent supermarket foods are horrible for heart health. Everything from packaged baked goods, margarine, frozen entrees to white pasta, granola bars and bottled salad dressings has huge artery-clogging potential.

6. Stay hydrated. Often times when a person feels hungry, it's actually thirst. Keep a bottle of clear water handy at all times, and drink at least a liter each day. If water just isn’t cutting it, try eating an apple – it’s high in moisture content but also high in fiber.

Medicine in Motion (MIM) specializes in providing top quality sports medicine healthcare in Austin, Texas, for athletic individuals of all ages and levels. The doctors at MIM believe active bodies are healthy bodies, therefore it is the office's goal to keep patients energetic and fit. To that end, MIM provides treatment of injuries and illnesses, including the use of physical rehabilitation; promotes healthy living with personal training and nutrition coaching; and offers comprehensive sports medicine evaluations to optimize health, activity level and sports performance. For more information or for questions regarding nutritionist in Austin or sports medicine in Austin, contact Medicine in Motion at 512-257-2500 or visit the website at

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