Mattress Review Company Online Bed Quilt Rendered Mattress Stores Can Help India’s Sleep Deprivation Problem Described In The Economic Times

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Following an article published by the Economic Times, which highlighted how companies are aiming to battle India’s severe sleep deprivation problem, Online Bed Quilt maintains that mattress stores can give vital ideas on ways to sleep better.

On January 9, Online Bed Quilt responded to an article posted by the Economic Times analyzing the nation-wide Indian sleep deprivation problem.

The article, published on the Economic Times, said India’s biggest hotel company, ITC, presented a study last year. The study revealed that 70 percent of business travelers said they thought it was harder to fall asleep in an unfamiliar setting. However, the study also showed that over 80 percent of respondents were worried lack of sleep would negatively impact their business performance.

The study prompted ITC business chief Nakul Anand to rethink the way his hotel rooms are decorated and what types of sleep products are used.

Online Bed Quilt representative Justin Maas said while hotels might be selling sleep to weary travelers, they often don’t take comfort into account. “Sure, hotels look nice, but are they really designing rooms to be slept in?” Maas said. “Sometimes I think many hotels just look to make everything uniform and looking to save money by buying in bulk. I’m not sure mattress or pillow quality is first on their list.”

Due to the study, Anand said ITC added a sleep menu for travelers looking for extra comfort. The article said there are many options to choose from including a variety of pillow sizes and density, personal foot massages, your choice of calming aromatherapy essential oil sprays, or even a something called a “dream kerchief “—a handkerchief doused in aromatherapy oils.

Maas said Anand was on the right track. “Having these sort of sleep remedies can really help relieve stress from the average business traveler and make them feel like home,” he said. “However, even if a guest feels at home, they still may have problems sleeping due to the mattress. They should partner with mattress stores to provide different mattresses or even mattress padding. If a customer wants to pay a little extra to have a foam mattress pad put on their bed, they should be able to. The mattress is what they are laying on all night and it is most important in the fight against sleep deprivation.”

The article said in a study by Indian healthcare company Philips, 93 percent of respondents were considered sleep- deprived and more than half said work suffered due to lack of sleep. However, only 2 percent admitted their lack of sleep was actually a problem. Since the study, the article said Philips set up 200 sleep labs in hospitals and clinics all over India, which should assist doctors in diagnosing sleep disorders accurately.

“If you’re falling asleep at work, finding it hard to get up, then you have a problem,” Maas said. “Mattress stores can help you get the best sleep possible by finding proper sleep products for your body, but if you have a serious sleep disorder, you need to see a doctor for extra help.”

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