Mattress Sale Expert, Online Bed Quilt, Comments On More Students Seeking Aid for Sleep Disorders Explored On Red And Black

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An article published by Red And Black details one student’s struggle with insomnia and how she obtained help from her university’s health clinic. Online Bed Quilt, mattress sale expert, affirmed the importance of universities assisting students with sleep issues, but suggested making improvements to university beds.

On January 10, Online Bed Quilt commented on an article published by Red and Black, which described a student’s severe struggle with insomnia at college.

According to the article posted by Red And Black, the average college student gets about 6-7 hours of sleep every night. That’s a lot less than the recommended eight hours per night. University of Georgia’s health center said not sleeping enough can cause lasting health problems like weight gain, mental illness, car accidents and even jeopardize a student’s academic achievements.

The article described University of Georgia senior Brittany Barnhill’s fight with insomnia since the beginning of her college career. Barnhill sought help for insomnia after a three-day sleepwalk episode during her sophomore year. The article said Barnhill was studying for an organic chemistry exam and pulled an all-nighter. She did not sleep and found herself unable to fall asleep for the next two days.

The University Health Center said sleep disorders are one of the most common problems in college students. If the problem is extreme or cyclical, a psychologist might prescribe sleep medication or recommend other types of treatment.

Liz Cheely, the health center’s psychology case manager, said a lot of students come in with sleep-related problems.

“Sleep is probably one of the number one problems on campus, so it’s something a lot of students come in for,” she said. “They need to do a phone screening, which takes about 15 minutes, where they tell us what is going on. After that, we get them scheduled for an intake [counseling session], which takes about an hour.”

If the problem is extreme, a psychologist might prescribe sleep medication or recommend other types of treatment.

Representative Justin Maas from the mattress sale experts Online Bed Quilt, said there are many reasons students suffer from a lack of sleep. “There are so many pressures in college,” he said. “From class to tests to relationships to partying. Everything causes stress on your body and if you aren’t getting the recommended hours of sleep, your life is going to be impacted.”

Maas also said universities fail to address another possible reason for the huge amount of students with sleep problems. “Have you ever tried to sleep on one of those mattresses?” Maas said. “It’s a nightmare and makes for a terrible night sleep. Those mattresses are cheap and lack any support. You can feel every spring jabbing into your back. Universities really need to consider upgrading their mattresses or advising students to buy mattress padding.”

The article also said most students with sleep problems only find relief for a short while because they are not discovering the root of the insomnia. Instead they are becoming dependent and even immune to sleep aids, which, in some cases, could make the effects of insomnia worse.

“Students should look to improving their mattresses and buying comfortable sleep products before turning to sleep aid medication,” Maas said.

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