Online Bed Quilt, Mattress Delivery Company, Responds to Abnormal Connection Between Sleep Apnea and Heart Attacks

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Following an article published by Zee News, which details a strange discovery that some heart attack patients may benefit from sleep apnea, mattress delivery company Online Bed Quilt commends the research, but affirms the need for a good bed to get a decent sleep.

On January 11, Online Bed Quilt responded to an article published on Zee News detailing a positive connection between sleep apnea and heart attack patients.

According to the article posted on Zee News, usually people who suffer from sleep breathing disorders are more likely to develop cardiovascular disease. A new study by the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology suggested that some heart attack patients might benefit from mild to moderate sleep disordered breathing.

Dr. Lena Lavie from Technion said sleep apnea and similar disorders increase the number and function of cells used in the construction of new blood vessels. In the article, Lavie admitted that the discovery could assist doctors in researching which patients are at greater risk of heart-related problems and find ways to rebuild damaged heart tissue.

Justin Maas, a representative from leading mattress delivery company Online Bed Quilt, said it’s a very unusual discovery, but a very important one.

“Sleep apnea is usually never a good thing,” Maas said. “It has very severe side effects and can sometimes stop a person from breathing. The research done here is amazing and could possibly be used to help prevent heart attacks in the future.”

The article said the study was used to answer the question: “Why If sleep disordered breathing is associated with cardiovascular disease, why is it that people who suffer from breathing disorders in sleep seem to do as well as healthy sleepers after a heart attack?”

Lavie and other researchers at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology studied 40 male patients, according to the article. Some were healthy sleepers, others suffered from sleep-disordered breathing and then others had a heart attack a few days earlier. Through blood samples, the results found that sleep disordered breathing patients had higher levels of endothelial progenitor cells (EPCs) than the healthy sleepers. These EPCs increase the number of new blood vessels and repair the injured heart. The article said those sleep deficient patients also showed an increase of growth-promoting proteins and immune cells, which propel the production of blood vessels.

Maas said the research is invaluable, but new sleeping products or beds can also help minimize the effects of a sleep-disordered breathing condition. “Finding the right bed or pillow can do wonders for your sleep,” Maas said. “When your neck is comfortable and aligned with your back, you may experience less trouble breathing when sleeping.”

The article revealed that by withholding oxygen from blood cells in healthy sleepers, scientists were able to activate more vessel-building activity.

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