Online Bed Quilt, Leading Mattress Company, Offers Opinion on Finding the Best Mattress and Getting Your Baby to Sleep, as Reported on LA Times

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A new Los Angeles Times article points out the ways to get your baby to sleep. Mattress company Online Bed Quilt confirms the need for a good crib and urges parents to find the best mattress for their baby.

On January 14, Online Bed Quilt commented on an article published by the Los Angeles Times with regard to a new study which points out how sleep training can get your baby to sleep more.

According to the Los Angeles Times article, Los Angeles is one of cities noted for pediatric health care. However, most doctors don’t recommend or discuss sleep training for babies. The article said a new study from Australia found there is now long term emotional or health disadvantages if you decide to sleep train your baby.

Sleep training is a process parents use to teach their baby when to go to sleep and when to wake up. Though some babies may fall asleep fairly easily, others have trouble and may stay awake crying for long periods.

The study, published in the September issue of Pediatrics measured the levels of stress hormone cortisol in babies’ brains, which is thought to rise when babies cry. It found that infants who were left to cry weren’t any more stressed out than babies who were continuously comforted by parents.

In the article, Santa Monica-based pediatrician Jay Gordon said no one, parents or children, really sleeps through the night. “What I tell people is to wrap your life around a baby rather than trying to adjust a baby to your life," Gordon said. "Let everything happen as naturally as it possibly can. There are age-appropriate times for a child to learn to sleep in a way that makes more sense for preschool and a family. But mindless sleep-training, a one-size-fits-all approach can be somewhat dangerous."

The article offered some tips on how to sleep train your child, such as co-sleeping. The article also advised to practice waking the baby and letting it fall asleep by itself or picking it up and putting it down.

However, Justin Maas, a representative from mattress company Online Bed Quilt said even babies need good mattresses. “Though babies are small and normally sleep in a crib, it’s still important to find the best mattress for them,” Maas said. “Their bodies, spines and brains are still developing, so providing them with a very firm, but comfortable mattress is key. That should really help babies sleep, especially since they’re not even supposed to sleep with pillows.”

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