New 2013 Report from Secure Retirement, "Distortions Around the World" Answers Question: Can the U.S., Japan and the Eurozone "Print" Their Way to Prosperity?

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Central banks are flooding the developed economies with trillions and trillions of dollars, euros and yen. If printing money is the key to economic growth, why aren't these economies thriving?

History has shown that when a nation's debt to GDP ratio goes over 90% ( Ours is at 100% with $16 trillion in debt and $16 trillion in economic output), that economy slows down by 2% a year going forward.

This 2013 Annual Report analyzes the extraordinary bet being placed on economic prosperity coming from either the Federal Reserve , European Central Bank or Japan's Central Bank. Printing money has a long history throughout the world. These days investors get excited when a central banker assures the public he is going to print more money. In fact, here in the United States, Ben Bernanke's "quantitative easing" programs are widely applauded as a primary cause of stock market gains. Most investors actually seem to believe it's basically impossible for the stock market to lose as long as Mr. Bernanke continues to come to the rescue with more quantitative easing. There is also blind faith that the Fed's policies are good for the economy. Mr. Morey examines the history of money printing, current misguided monetary policies, and the negative outcomes for investors and economy. "Distortions Around the World" by Richard Morey considers the long-term perspective before showing what current policies are likely to lead to in our markets in 2013. Read more; download the full report at

Richard Morey is President of Secure Retirement, a fee only Registered Investment Advisor in California's Bay Area. Richard directs the investments for hundreds of families' retirement accounts. Secure Retirement practices the principles of active, disciplined management of clients' retirement accounts to safeguard their money regardless of market conditions. To access more economic and investment reports and commentary by Mr. Morey, please visit

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