Quorn Foods Inc. Releases a Statement Regarding Why Vegetarian Healthy Food Is Better

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Following an article about why it is better to be a vegetarian, Quorn Foods Inc. releases a statement.

On January 8, 2013, Quorn Foods Inc. releases a statement following a Hindustan Times article by Dr. Anjali Mukerjee regarding why vegetarian healthy food is better.

According to the Hindustan Times article, “A non-vegetarian diet, high in animal protein, saturated fat and refined sugar, is known to be strongly associated with most cancers and degenerative diseases like arthritis, heart disease, diabetes.” The article poses the question, "should you or should you not switch to the vegetarian way of life?"

The article mentions that even though a vegetarian lifestyle is healthy, it can also be complicated. According to the article, one complication is getting all the needed nutrients. The article states that, “People following vegetarian diets can get all the required nutrients if they eat a wide variety of foods to meet their nutritional needs.”

The article informs that vegetarians can get their B12 from eggs, vitamin D from mushrooms, calcium from greens, and their protein from fruits and nuts. According to the article, “The confusion of switching to vegetarianism as a way of life can be cleared only by understanding the basic principles of healthy eating.”

Quorn Foods Inc. understands the importance and complexity of a vegetarian healthy food diet, and how much healthier it can make a person.

“Getting all the nutrients necessary for a vegetarian diet may be difficult at times but the benefits of doing so are far greater than that of meat-based diets,” says Quorn representative David Wilson. “If you like meat but would like to benefit from a vegetarian diet, try Quorn’s variety of meat substitutes that replicate the taste and texture of real meat.”

Quorn Foods launched nationally in the US in 2002. Unlike other vegetarian food companies, Quorn foods use mycoprotein: a naturally occurring, healthy form of protein that replicates the taste and texture of meat while being significantly lower in saturated fats and calories. Quorn Foods offer a wide range of products including ready to serve meals, food for your barbecue, breaded meat substitutes, snacks and components to make your own meals from scratch. The wonderful taste of Quorn meatless meals provides the taste of the foods you love without sacrificing nutrition.


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