In Response to New Reports of Gun Industry Bullying, Dr. Bonnie Asks, “What’s a Child’s Life Worth?”

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With the influential gun industry and gun rights lobby on one side and gun control advocates on the other, gridlock seems inevitable. Now, Dr. Bonnie Eaker Weil provides her solution to the gun violence crisis.

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How many more need to die? The gun industry is leveraging its financial strength, but at what cost? Is this about money or lives?

Responding to reports of what Dr. Bonnie believes is the gun industry bullying (, well-known therapist Dr. Bonnie asks, “How many more need to die? The gun industry is leveraging its financial strength, but at what cost? Is this about money or lives?”

According to the New York Times, Colt gun makers, in Connecticut since the 1800s, have threatened to pull out from their Connecticut base and bully to get their way as they contribute $1.3 billion to the economy and 2,000 jobs. They affected 2011 Connecticut legislation that would have banned high-ammunition magazines, exactly the kind used by Lanza. Dr. Bonnie says "Legislators are putting politics and profits ahead of saving lives". Dr. Bonnie believes this is bullying, plain and simple, saying, “We won’t tolerate bullying or cyber bullying in schools, but bullying in our state and federal government is tolerated and accepted.” Dr. Bonnie questions whether Lanza would have made the attack if the magazines were banned.

Dr. Bonnie points out that the same Bushmaster rifle was used in Webster, NY in an attack on firefighters, Dec 2012 ( and by Lanza.

Political gridlock over common sense gun control happens at the national level, too. According to the New York Times, the ATF has had no permanent director for six years and this affects how gun information is collected and stored with out of date methods. (

The NRA advocates security guards in schools instead of gun control. They say guns don’t kill people, people kill people, but a 2002 Secret Service study reported in USA Today ( of 41 school attacks found law enforcement was unable to stop the carnage because it happened so quickly. Only 8% of school attacks were stopped by law enforcement. Columbine (April 20, 1999) had two guards, but that could not match weapons with 100 rounds.

"Gun control is seen as an irreconcilable tug of war, with gun rights on one side and public safety on the other. Why can’t we have both?” asks Dr. Bonnie. “The first step is to end gun industry bullying. Our safety in schools, malls, and movie theaters should be a given. These mass shootings have opened a Pandora’s Box. We have a new fear instead of terrorism because, like Mayor Bloomberg says, we’re killing each other. It’s time to ask, ‘What’s a child’s life worth?’”


Dr. Bonnie Eaker Weil is a leading relationship and marriage expert. In both 2011 and 2012, the United States Commerce Association named Dr. Bonnie New York’s best therapist. She is the author of several highly-regarded books, including “Make Up, Don’t Break Up,” “Adultery, the Forgivable Sin,” “Financial Infidelity,” and “Can We Cure and Forgive Adultery.”

For more information on family play therapy, which can be used to help children cope with bullying and school violence, refer to the chapter “Saving the Children Through Family Play Therapy” in Dr. Bonnie’s book, “Adultery, the Forgivable Sin.” You can also view a related video at

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