Author’s New Book Promises Health for Life, Not Just New Year’s

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Natasha Deonarain, physician and founder of the Health Conscious Movement has the solution to help Americans quit making New Year’s resolutions, and change their lives for good. In her upcoming book, The 7 Principles of Health, she discusses 7 core principles which can empower individuals to make their own choices for optimal health and is expected to launch April 6, 2013 at The Buttes Marriott Resort in Tempe, Arizona.

Falling back into old, unhealthy practices will be extremely costly, if not deadly.

Natasha Deonarain, MD, MBA, founder of the Health Conscious Movement, announced today the official launch of her book The 7 Principles of Health: Your Call to Health Consciousness. Her book promises that Americans can stop making New Year’s resolutions and find lasting, optimal health by understanding a different perspective than what America’s current healthcare system teaches. The launch will take place at the Phoenix Marriott at The Buttes Resort in Tempe, Arizona on April 6, 2013, an event that calls in a new future in healthcare for Americans.

“We’re such creatures of habit,” states Deonarain, “especially when it comes to resolutions related to changing our health. A study from the University of Bristol in 2007 showed that 88% of people who set New Year’s resolutions failed. But this year will be very different for Americans since we’re now at serious tipping points in terms of our healthcare delivery systems. Falling back into old, unhealthy practices will be extremely costly, if not deadly.”

Deonarain frankly discusses the US healthcare system as part of her upcoming book, and how it has been integrated to keep Americans sick and poor, despite their best intents to get healthy. She also states that conventional medical doctors, like her, are trained to keep people sick, a statement which many Americans and their physicians find disturbing.

“We have a disease-oriented healthcare system,” continues Deonarain. “Every aspect of our system has been geared to focus on disease, and actually creates more disease by keeping our thoughts obsessively fixated on finding health through a backwards approach that begins with disease. It doesn’t make any sense at all. Let’s say, for example, you walk into a doctor’s office for a health check-up. What’s the first thing that a doctor will likely do? He or she will start searching for disease. But the absence of disease doesn’t equal health. Our default mode in this country is disease. We shouldn’t wonder then, why we have epidemics of disease. We’re all obsessed with it!”

What she says seems to ring true. Americans are among the sickest in the world, with escalating rates of diabetes, cancer, heart disease and obesity. But a study recently published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology states that people with the best self-control tended to play offense, not defense when it came to minimizing temptations. This is what Dr. Deonarain calls the ‘big-picture’ in healthcare, and insists that it’s important we begin to understand the concept if we’re going to change for the long-term.

“We keep trying to do the same things over and over again, expecting a different result,” states Dr. Deonarain. “That’s the definition of insanity. Clearly a new way of thinking is required, one that uses a different approach. I call this a health-oriented paradigm.”

Deonarain believes her book is that new approach.

“We have to stop relying on outside parties to fix it for us,” she says. “All of the sub-components of our system – health insurance, pharmaceutical companies, the government, lawyers and even doctors – each of those contribute to keeping us inside a paradigm of illness. When we choose to empower ourselves and seek to stand up against these sorts of pre-programmed messages, we can then live in health instead of in fear of disease. We live for life, not just for New Year’s day.”

More information on Natasha Deonarain’s upcoming book, The 7 Principles of Health: Your Call to Health Consciousness can be found at and on, [email protected], and Tumblr(at)thehealthconsciousmovement(dot)tumblr(dot)com.

To pre-order your copy, email info(at)7POH(dot)com. Make sure to sign up on Facebook and stay ahead of upcoming events, exercise tips, recipes, and other health-related news from The Health Conscious Movement and The 7 Principles of Health.

About Us: The Health Conscious Movement was founded by Natasha Deonarain, MD, MBA and seeks to teach Americans a new way to find self-empowered, integrated health solutions by learning a different paradigm. It brings together collaborative professionals from all fields to share information and help individuals create their own health networks. Join the movement and learn how to become health conscious today with a community of like-minded individuals who want to change their lives and their world!

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