Power4Patriots Offers 5 Reasons to Install Solar Roof Shingles

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Most roofs need shingles, so why not use solar shingles that can serve the dual purposes of protecting a home and generating electrical power?

Solar roof shingles offer an easy way to replace the roof material on a home or business and generate free power.

Solar panels, including the ones Power4Patriots teaches homeowners how to construct, are usually found on the roofs of houses and other buildings. Also found on those roofs are shingles. Combining these two elements into one was the brainchild of Dow Chemical Company, which introduced solar roof shingles in Colorado in the fall of 2011.

Last month, the company said that the product has been so well received that it plans to expand the availability of solar roof shingles to seven more states and Washington, D.C. The states are Connecticut, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New York and Wyoming.

Power4Patriots, best known for teaching people how to build their own environmentally-friendly sources of energy such as solar panels and wind turbines so that they can slash their power bills and be safe when power outages occur, recognizes a great dual-purpose solar product when it sees one.

Following are Power4Patriots’ 5 reasons to install solar roof shingles on homes and businesses.

1.    Solar roof shingles offer an easy way to replace the roof material on a home or business and generate free power. Since most solar installers would suggest that a roof be new or close to new before a solar power system is installed, this offers a dual solution.

2.    They come with a variety of warranties. The roof coverage and weather warranty span 20 years, and the solar output warranty goes as far as 20 years as well.

3.    Installation, which must be done by a professional, is not as invasive as with normal solar panels, which require roof bolts and penetration of the waterproof layers. Solar shingles simply sit on top of the roof membrane and interlock with themselves to keep water out. They also have a sticky surface on the backside to prevent wind damage.

4.    The shingles offer good flexibility for budget and size constraints. The system can be customized for roofs of various sizes and shapes.

5.    They’ve got the backing of one of the largest companies in the world. A number of solar companies have folded, but Dow is a large, powerful company that has been around for a long time.

Check out this Power4Patriots blog post to discover what solar experts won’t tell you about how solar power systems fit together.

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