Secret Santa Whistleblower Files End Climate Change Catastrophe Cult, Says Friends of Science

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Laframboise releases “Secret Santa” Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) internal files that reveal more attempts by agenda-driven activists to skew the science on climate change. In 2012 the UK met weather office revealed no global warming for at least 16 years while IPCC admits global warming predictions were way off and there is no trend in extreme weather.

My 2011 book documents the IPCC’s numerous credibility problems. Among these is the disturbing influence of green activists on what is supposed to be a rigorous scientific body. Donna Laframboise

This week 3 USB drives of IPCC internal documents that a “Secret Santa” whistle-blower delivered to investigative journalist Donna Laframboise continue to erode the credibility of the human-caused ‘global warming’ theory. Files reveal that the IPCC agenda-driven activists who have invaded the IPCC continue to advocate the adoption of their ‘climate crisis cult’ propaganda over peer-reviewed science. Prominent scientists have voiced similar concerns.

“My 2011 book, The Delinquent Teenager Who Was Mistaken for the World’s Top Climate Expert, documents the IPCC’s numerous credibility problems. Among these is the disturbing influence of green activists on what is supposed to be a rigorous scientific body,” says Donna Laframboise

“Evidence-based science counters climate catastrophe thinking,” says Ken Gregory, director and expert reviewer of Friends of Science. “In October 13, 2012 the Daily Mail reported that the UK Met Hadley weather office revealed there had not been any global warming for 16 years despite a substantial rise in carbon dioxide (CO2).”

Even so Washington Post climate reporter Stephen Stromberg’s op-ed of November 30, 2012 cited three catastrophic studies (mostly based on computer models) in advance of the Doha COP-18 conference where the Kyoto carbon dioxide emissions reduction accord was to be extended.

But two weeks later on December 13, 2012 Alec Rawls leaked 14 draft chapters of the upcoming IPCC report on-line. The Secret Santa leak includes a further 30 chapters and over 33,000 expert reviewer comments. The leaked draft confirmed the catastrophic warming scenarios of the previous IPCC climate models were way off, far too high, by several factors.

Further, the IPCC itself stated that there was no trend toward more extreme weather, confirming the Oct. 31, 2012 Wall Street Journal statement by Roger Pielke Jr. in "Hurricanes and Human Choice" that “There are no signs that human-caused climate change has increased the toll of recent disasters....”

“And finally, the IPCC admitted and then evaded recognition that the sun is a major factor in climate change,” says Gregory.

In their limited commentary on the sun’s role, the IPCC appear to believe the sun’s impact on climate is limited to the powerful radiant light it sheds on earth (Total Solar Irradiance). Friends of Science say that in fact, the more relevant scientific factor is the magnetic field of the sun that is projected by solar winds. Changes in solar magnetic flux directly impact the earth’s climate.

As noted in the Friends of Science position paper on Doha, “The total energy emitted by the Sun varies only a fraction of a percent, but the solar magnetic field has increased nine fold from 1890 to 1990."

This is but one cyclical factor of solar and cosmic activity that directly and indirectly affects earth’s climate, but the IPCC and its bevy of agenda-driven activists focus only on CO2. There is no substantial review of solar climate science.

For 25 years the IPCC has projected frightening predictions of a baking hot, unlivable earth created by human use of fossil fuels and allegedly caused by rising carbon dioxide (CO2).

“A trillion dollars has been wasted on carbon reduction schemes in the past decade,” says Gregory. “Generations of children have been terrified and taught absurd anti-scientific group-think, economies have been bankrupted in the ‘rush to low-carbon renewables’ – such as Ontario, the UK, Spain, California – falsely believing people can ‘save the planet’ by reducing carbon dioxide. It’s all due to agenda-driven activists politicizing science and clever carbon traders getting rich on climate wealth.”

Friends of Science president Len Maier offered this statement, “Climate catastrophe cult thinking needs to end. In 2013, resolve to free yourself and your children from that oppressive feeling of global warming guilt and fear. The sun is the main driver of climate change. Not you. Not CO2.”

About the Friends of Science
A group of mostly retired earth and atmospheric scientists, professional engineers and geologists, Friends of Science has been reviewing peer-reviewed science on climate change for over a decade and their conclusion is that the sun is the main driver of climate change cycles.

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