Konnektive Corp. Talks About Doing Better Business in 2013 with Dynamic CRM Software to Increase Efficiency and Revenue

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Not all CRM applications are created equal, but a new business software suite from Konnektive promises to benefit multi-faceted businesses, especially those with multiple revenue streams and marketing strategies

January 9, 2013

Customer relationship software can be a major boon to any business, but finding the right software to help your business rather than hinder it can pose a bit of a challenge. Konnektive Corp. is taking CRM software to the next level. By providing a solution tailored not to a specific industry, but rather to several varied industries, organizations that range anywhere from eCommerce web stores to direct response marketing firms, manufacturing organizations, contact centers, and more will be able to have a solution that works right out of the box with minimal lead and deployment time, competitive initial investment, and very little in terms of upkeep and upgrades.

Traditional customer relationship management software requires in depth study and analysis. Often times, companies must work closely alongside the CRM developers to make sure that the software is designed to meet their specific needs. At the same time, these organizations must make large investments upfront to bring in hardware and a network infrastructure that will support the new software and this means the cost to maintain and keep those servers, software, and networks updated fall upon the company as well. It can be a financially devastating blow, forcing the company to raise prices and make cutbacks in other areas.

Konnektive is a cloud based CRM solution for businesses that takes a large chunk of the common costs out of the equation right off the bat. The servers and software are hosted, maintained, and upgraded by Konnektive. Every new update is thoroughly tested in a test environment that mirrors the live environment. Because the system is highly module, organizations can invest in the functionalities they need to increase their productivity and efficiency. Making updates takes a fraction of the time as well, with minimal lead time necessary.

If the past few years have taught organizations anything, it is that the economic environment is never stable, no matter how successful the past few months or years have been. The old way of doing things will not cut it in what has become a totally new business landscape. Companies need to be able to cut expenses and maximize revenue, provide a higher level of customer service, find ways to diversify interests and revenue streams, maximize efficiency, and prove an earnest return on investment.

The business CRM application from Konnektive includes systems to accurately track marketing and customer response campaigns. This includes online sales, pay-per-click and affiliate marketing, email and phone contacts, and more. The reporting is real time as well, unlike traditional customer relationship software, where reports must be run during down times and in chunks at a time to be further analyzed and make sense. The new CRM system also allows for instant script to screen technology, so updates go out to group or organization wide with the push of a button, and changes can be made to campaigns that have been entered within moments rather than hours or more as old school business processes and software would allow.

When organizations learn to leverage technology to their benefit, history has shown how profits can jump incrementally. Increasing efficiency and being able to minimize costs while also incorporating highly responsive business practices provides a sure path to success for businesses today and tomorrow.

About Konnektive: Konnektive provides industry leading cloud based CRM technologies to small and medium businesses.

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