Chinese New Year Festival in Metro Atlanta

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The Chinese New Year Festival Celebration at the Shaolin Institute Atlanta campus embraces youth and families for great fun and a wonderful cultural experience that is one of the most unique events in the Southern United Sates. This year’s festivities will be held at the campus on February 9, 2013, starting from 10:00AM through 4:00PM.

All the events and shows by the Shaolin Institute Shaolin Legacy Team led by Grand Master Shi DeRu are culturally unique due to the world-wide promotion of ancient Chinese Shaolin culture and arts.

The Shaolin Institute Atlanta campus has open their welcome hands to children and families from all neighborhoods surrounding the Atlanta area to have a fun celebration, This Chinese New Year’s. Festival will begin at 10:00 AM and last until 4:00 PM on Saturday, February 9, 2013, which is actually New Year’s Eve. The Shaolin Institute Atlanta hosting the event, is located at 4350 Peachtree Industrial BLVD, Suite 500A, Norcross, GA 30071. There will be Chinese food, music, paintings, arts and crafts, a lion-dragon dance, and Kung Fu performances, Health and cultural booths and well as Kung Fu & health-wellness teachings will be present to further educate attendees. All events are free to the public. Call 770-286-9808 for more information.

Other Shaolin Institute campuses will host Chinese New Year celebrations separately in their own respective cities. The Mobile campus will also host a celebration the same day, February 9th, while the New Orleans campus will have party on the following Saturday, February 16th.

On the Western calendar, the start of Chinese New Year this year falls on Sunday, February 10, 2013, which marks the first day of the Year of the Snake. Chinese New Year dates back from 2600 BC when the Emperor Huang Ti of China introduced the first cycle of the Chinese zodiac. Chinese New Year is also known as the Spring Festival in modern China. It signals to farmers that they must begin preparation for the sowing of their fields fifteen days after their New Year festivity.

Characteristics of those born under the Year of the Snake show them to be self-reliant with discipline, although the Snake's characteristics are complex. Snakes seldom like to ask others for advice, and many see them as cold and calculating; however, they are just being cautious.

People with Snake characteristics are very detail oriented. They always plan ahead with every detail in place before embarking on any project. Snakes have excellent communications skills, but they are creatures of few words. This is precisely the quiet action the Shaolin Institute wants to install into its system.

At the Shaolin Institute, there are several other animal mascots like the snake. Most notably are the “Magnificent Fives,” which consist the Dragon—Da Long, the Tiger—Xiao Hu, the Crane—Bai He, the Praying Mantis—Kuai Lang, and the Monkey—Xi Hou. 龙,虎,鹤, 螂,鹤. Our Magnificent Fives represent the character of our institute with discipline, integrity, and inner strength. They are very intelligent beings, protecting, motivating and helping the institute and the community. All Magnificent Fives will be present during the celebration and readily welcome children, friends, and families in the neighborhood to come see them.

As the year of the dragon draws to an end, a look back over the year shows that Grand Master Shi DeRu (aka: Master Shawn Liu), his cultural ambassadors, and students of Shaolin Institute have presented their “Shaolin Legacy” shows as well as Kung Fu and Tai Chi exhibitions to over 100,000 students, community friends, companies, and organizations in several areas, including Atlanta, GA, Mobile, AL, and New Orleans, LA, as part of the US-China Multicultural and Multiracial Education Exchange program.

They have performed across the Southeastern United States for organizations and institutions such as University of Georgia, Athens, Kennesaw State, Tulane University, Northview High School World Language Academy, Level Creek Elementary School, Jeremia Denton Middle School, Math and Science School of Mobile, Country Day School of Creative Arts in New Orleans, Xavier University, Chinese Northeast Association, Zhejiang Hometown Association, and numerous others. There are many more for them this Chinese New Year.

Looking back further, over the past twenty-plus years, since 1989, the world-famed Shaolin Temple Grand Master, his Shaolin Legacy Team Members, and students have presented exhibitions, seminars, and shows to nearly one million audience members not only all over the Southeast U.S. but also other parts of the country as part of unique cultural exhibitions, health seminars, and public safety presentations.

The Shaolin Institute has performed and demonstrated for the Jefferson Parish Sheriff Office of Community Events, Mobile Police Department’s America’s Night Out Against Crime, U.S. Homeland Security Asian Pacific Cultural Events, General Electric Asian Pacific events, Coca Cola Headquarters Asian Pacific events, COSCO National Conference, Suwanee & the Duluth Fall Festivals, Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festivals, Atlanta Hawks Opening Game, the New Orleans Asian Heritage Festivals, Education Funding Company International Summits in both Washington, D.C. and Nashville, Tennessee, the Mobile International Festival, Gulf Coast State Fair, U.S. Air Force and U.S. Coast Guard events along the Gulf Coast states, the Arnold Classic, the International Chinese Martial Arts Championship World Wide Circuit in Florida and TX, and LEGENDS of Kung Fu & Taiji Legacy World Martial Arts Championship and Cultural Festival in Texas cities of Dallas and Houston.

They have also done over twenty Shaolin Legacy full theatrical shows and cultural festivals along with the U.S. Open International Chinese martial Arts championships in the U.S. and the Chinese Wushu Festival in Hong Kong China. The Shaolin Institute has also done several shows in support of St. Jude’s Hospital to help raise funds and bring awareness to the community.

All the events and shows by the Shaolin Institute Shaolin Legacy Team led by Grand Master Shi DeRu are culturally unique due to the world-wide promotion of ancient Chinese Shaolin culture and arts. Like the movie Kung Fu Panda, which has influenced Eastern Asia and has poignantly influenced the Western world, the Legacy Shows performed here showcase the ancient Chinese Shaolin arts and philosophy of living. The Shaolin Legacy Shows have various themes, such as Shaolin Disciples' Spiritual Journey or Journey to the East. This is one of the most artistic cultural shows in the world and is unique in its extensive display of the Shaolin arts, culture, and also Zen philosophy. It’s humbling to know that more than a million people have viewed their shows and applauded with enthusiasm.

By coming to celebrate the Chinese New Year with the institute, people can be a part of this as well and enjoy a unique cultural experience during this day of fun learning, food tasting, arts, crafts, performances, and so much more as all people who loves Asia ready themselves for the Year of the Snake!

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